Show demo how our Advanced featured OpenCart 3 module works

With features of the featured module of OpenCart our Advanced featured OpenCart module will contain following features:

  • The module name is shown in the Title, instead of just “Featured” in the default featured module. With this, you can change and enter any wording you like. In ours let’s say “Early Bird Products”
  • Products scrolls showing some slider effects.
  • At loading, it shows the only image, title, and price but on hover over it shows the “Add to cart”,  “Wishlist” and “Compare” buttons.
  • It also changes the default image to another additional image.
  • You can customize the speed of scrolling. If you entered zero then it will not scroll, to see hidden products need to click on the arrows.

Files and folders contained in the Advanced Featured Module:

Files and folders of Advanced featured module

Download Advanced Featured Module

The front end will look like below image:

Early bird products opencart module

Back end settings will look like below image:

Advanced featured opencart module

All of its codes are defined in the following links:

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The workflow of the Hello world module

Backend Hello world module Opencart

Frontend Hello world module Opencart

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We hope this opencart tutorial helps you understand the featured module flow. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Opencart video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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