Show selected categories as featured categories OpenCart module free

We planned to show my top categories at the homepage as featured categories so we planned to make the OpenCart module for free to get this functionality. Let’s say it “Category Featured Show Module”. As we created an OpenCart module so we can enjoy an unlimited module instance system which means we can show the same module in different layouts on the same pages and also on different pages. Please take into consideration that we have created this module for OpenCart version 3.0, and suppose that it will be compatible with above 2.0.2, we are lazy to test them. Please provide feedback if it is not compatible then we can go through the problem.

Let’s start to install Category Featured Show Module.

Check our setting in the image below:

Category featured Opencart module

Now set layout and position for Category Featured Show Module. We are showing the Category Featured Show Module at homepage so follow the same steps as below if you like to show to different layout then choose the respective layout.

  • Go to Admin >> System >> Design >> Layouts.
  • Then click the blue plus button at the bottom which will add another row.
  • ThenΓ‚ select “Category Featured > Top Category” at the Module column.
  • Select “Content Top” at Position Column.
  • Enter your desired Sort Order at Sort Order Column.
  • Then click the save button.

Our setting to show at home page is as shown in the image below:

Opencart layouts

Go to the home page and you will see the image below:

Top category show in Opencart module

You can show as many module instances as you like and your heading title is shown as Module Name from admin so it is also customized as needed.

This module has been successfully tested for a standard OpenCart

If you get any problem with the module then let me know by commenting or through the contact form.

Future upgrade: Options to hide and show of category description, name and upload the customized image for the category and different layouts. Likewise, make the module to show products as per the category. Keep on visiting for updates πŸ™‚


Further help and customized versions: If you need a customized version of this module and any other Opencart help and support then let me know. You can email us at

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  1. By the way, the option to include the Category item description underneath the Image and Category Name would be a great addition πŸ™‚

    Thanks again!

  2. I am trying to download this module from above given link but URL gives me ‘Not Found’ error.

    Please send me alter method/link to download it.

    Many Thanks

  3. Hello! I’m trying to implement this extension in my store and faced with the problem.
    I created featured categories (from subcategories) and place it on parent category layout. When I navigate to subcategory from top menu to subcategory left accordion menu keeps expanded but if i navigate to subcategory using featured categories module left accordion menu is collapsed. How to leave the left menu expand when using the module to navigate to category|subcategory

  4. many thanks for the module πŸ˜‰

    i put module name “top categories” but in front it shows featured categories,How i can change it ?

  5. Thank You for your work!
    The module is very good!
    If it would use subcategories thats would be the best module for this purposes.

  6. Hello
    I downloaded it successfully
    but when I tried to customize it it gave me
    Permission Denied!
    You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator!!!
    I am using Version

  7. Hello
    I downloaded it successfully
    but when I tried to customize it it gave me
    Permission Denied!
    You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator!!!
    I am using Version

  8. Hello,

    I have installed extension for OC 3.0 on my server with OC 3.0.3. Extension is available in the list. However once I set it up, select Enabled and press “Save” all my settings for extension are gone and status changed back to Disabled. How to fix this?

    • Right now it is showing the Category’s image. You can change by going to admin>>Catalog >> Categories >> Edit/add category >> Data tab >> Image field where you can change the image. But it will change the image in your category page as well.

  9. Thank you so much for this module! Is there a way to display parent category name in the category item as well? For example I’m setting child category Food – Meat as featured and I want to display both categories’ names. Like {{ }} to display ‘Meat’ and something like {{ category.parent_name }} to display ‘Food’. I assume I can manage to do that by adding some code to the module controller file.

    Thanks again!


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