40 cool final year college projects for students in 2024

The final year project plays a vital role in deciding your career as a Computer Science student. The era of technology is constantly evolving and so is the need for great projects in the field. There are multi-billion dollar industries that demand great projects in the respective field – in order to be considered for recruitment. This raised the billion dollars question: What final-year project should I choose as a Computer Science Student in 2023? 

Well, we have got some answers and ideas that you can choose from. In this blog, we have gathered some of the most reliable final-year projects for the students of Computer Science for 2022. By the end of this blog, you will be able to:

  • Analyze different cool final-year projects for Computer Science. 
  • Get a hands-on idea of final project ideas. 
  • Decide the cool final-year project that will help you flourish in your career. 

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Cool Final Year College Projects That You Can Do As A Computer Science Student in 2022

The field of Computer Science is one of the vast domains to study. It has an unwavering demand in the marketplace. Enterprises and high-paying companies yearn for efficient talents in the Computer Science field. Likewise, the final year college project is also equally important. This project opens the arenas of opportunities to be considered in these marketplaces. Here are some cool final year projects for Computer Science in 2022 that you can work on, we have made collections of around 40 projects, and we keep on writing for each project in our upcoming posts, so don’t forget to subscribe to our email list:

Decentralization projects ideas like:

Web 3.0 Stacks
  • eCommerce with Web 3.0 implementation
    The technology you can use are below and can make eCommerce implementation with Web 3.0 and decentralization environment:
    Frontend development with HTML, CSS, JS, React.
    Node Provider: Infura, Quicknode, Alchemy etc
    Smart Contracts: Solidity, Vyper, Rust etc
    Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana etc
  • Decentralisation Finance (DeFi)

If it was Web 2.0 then the Currency Converter project would have been one good idea but with decentralization, it is better to work with Defi projects.

  • Non-fungible token (NFT)

Non-fungible token (NFT) generally alludes to a cryptographic resource on the blockchain that addresses a theoretical and interesting advanced thing like a piece of craftsmanship, a photograph, an in-game collectible, or a tweet that different resources can’t supplant on the grounds that it has a bunch of outstanding properties.

  • Decentralized Identification

Create a decentralized identification system so users don’t need to keep on sharing their information again and again on different platforms. Simplify access to DApps with single sign-on (SSO).

  • Marketplace for Cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralisation Applications (DApps)
  • Create new Cryptocurrencies
  • Peer to Peer (P2P) sharing

The popularity of Uber, Lyft, Didi, etc, nowadays ridesharing, delivery sharing, etc are becoming popular so these project ideas can also be one.

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Artificial Intelligence-related projects:

  • Location Detection
    Face detection is normal nowadays, how about location detection, let’s say big construction sites where each location work is detected and updated the Apps, so they can know what timing and things are needed to move forward? 
  • Spam & Fake Detector AI Apps
    Everyone wants to get rid of spam and remove them, so Spam and Fake Detector App can be a good project like you can create Fake Spam Detector by analyzing the patterns for the Products, etc.

Other Artificial Intelligence related projects include:

  • Artificial Intelligence-Based Staffing Solution. 
  • Android Assistant like Apple’s Siri. 
  • Workflow Automator Software. 
  • Auto-monitoring Software for Workspace. 
  • Communication Tracker & Scheduler App and Extension. 
  • Chatbot – App, Software, and Extension
  • Virtual Assistant (VA) for Windows and Desktops. 
  • Online Task Assignment and Management Tools like Hubspot and Trello. 
  • Shipment Tracker for Logistics. 
  • Artificial Data Validation Software like Plagiarism Checker

API related projects

Opencart API
  • Integrated API endpoints
    Build a single and integrated platform for all APIs and your one Endpoint will call all the APIs needed.
  • NASA free APIs
  • RapidAPI free APIs
  • Google free APIs like Google Maps projects

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  • Copyright system and implementation with NFT and cryptocurrencies
  • Manage multiple ads in one system and implement Prebid, so marketers can use Google ads, media ads, and other ads from one place
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Monitoring Tool
  • Search Engine Optimization (SE0) Monitoring Software
  • Product Auto-analyzer to See How the Product is Performing in the Market
  • Google Double Click Evaluation Tool
  • Micro & Macro Content Performance Evaluator 
  • Auto Lead Generation App

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Future Predictor Applications

  • Stock Price Predictor application
    Fluctuation in Stock price is one of the growing concerns of modern marketplaces. The stock price sees numberless ebbs and flows every day. Once you reckon this as a problem, you can come up with a solution to it. The best solution would be to come up with software that detects the real-time stock price. 
    Essentially, you will assemble a stock valuation indicator that can foresee the future costs of stock. The best thing about working with financial exchange information is that it by and large has short input cycles. 
    This makes it simple for information examiners to utilize new market information to approve stock value forecasts. This financial exchange information will in general be exceptionally granular, different, and unpredictable.
    You can demonstrate it to find and gather comparative stocks dependent on their value developments and distinguish periods when there are critical changes in their costs.
  • Product stock prediction and data prediction as per the shipping timing, seasonal requirement, and emotional adjustment. Order the product as per the Stock needed.
  • We see lots of Weather predictors, how about Agriculture Product Predictor as per the weather so we can control what is needed? 
  • Music Recommendation App
  • Predictive Analyzer of Products before launching them
  • Luck Predictor App Based on Age and Interest

Health-related projects ideas:

  • Blood Gift and Blood Donation Center Locator
    This online blood gift device is intended to help individuals in finding blood benefactors in case of a crisis. Clients can join to give blood to a blood donation center or present a solicitation for blood. Clients can check out the benefactors’ profiles and request help from them.
    Crises ought to forever be tended to first. Therefore, this final year project makes Computer Science understudies foster this 2022. This framework will address the requirement for blood gifts when required by a patient. Patients can check their blood classification match and ask for help from the prospects.
  • Coronavirus-infected person locator
  • Disease Detector Apps, like Cancer, Allergy, etc
  • Tools for the Management of Medications:
    Automated Software to Monitor Medicines and Healthcare Products and Record Tracker App of Medicines and Drugs

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Programming and Developer support systems

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery which supports the developers
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring Software
  • Designing Multi-page Functional Website where you will auto-generate HTML & CSS, as you drag and drop modules

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Robotics Projects

  • Functional Robot for Multitasking
  • Goods Transporters Robot to Handle Logistics 
  • Bluetooth-controlled Robot for Cell Phones 
  • Remote Controlled Robot as a Virtual Assistant 
  • Intermediate and Higher Level Arino Robot

Fitness Project Ideas 

  • Exercise Tracker App
  • Recess Movement Analyzer
  • Auto Yoga Trainer Software 
  • Exercise Training Virtual Assistant Tool 
  • Goal Setter for Daily & Weekly Outing


  • Currency Convertor – With Real Time Conversion Rate
    Designing a Currency Converter – both app and extension – is one of the exciting projects for the final year project. As a Computer Science student, it is a noteworthy idea to come up with a solution to modern era’s challenges. 
    This undertaking includes incorporating a money converter that can change over one cash’s worth into another money unit. For example, you can change the Indian rupee into dollars or pounds – as well as the other way around. 
    The test that lies here is that the worth of monetary standards changes day by day. Nonetheless, you can address this issue by bringing in a dominant accounting page containing the refreshed cash esteems. To assemble this task, you should have the fundamental information on python programming and the Pygame library.
  • Banking System Reformation
  • Real-time Price Determinator
  • Export and Import Management on National and International Level
  • Micro and Macro Economics & Their Impacts on Currency Values 
  • Real Time Cost Opportunity Detector 
  • Fundamental Economics & Current State Budget

We hope these titles and some details help you to select your final year project easily and wish you the best of luck for your final year project. Let us know which project you are working on, maybe we work on providing you details to complete the project successfully. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, please click to see other internships projects. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Computer science students in 2022 will find many interesting and innovative final year college projects ideas for computer science students. Some of the projects that students may want to consider include developing a mobile app, creating a machine learning algorithm, or creating a new


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