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Settings configuration in Opencart 3

Settings configuration in Opencart 3 – local, option, image, mail and server

This is an Opencart guide where we are showing you the setting configuration in Opencart 3. Go to Admin >> System >> Settings and edit the store, and...
Cloudflare Opencart Setup

How to setup Cloudflare easily for eCommerce websites like Opencart?

In this tutorial, we set up Cloudflare CDN for eCommerce websites like Opencart, three steps are: first create a Cloudflare account, add website domain in Cloudflare dashboard and change...
Full Screen Capture

Full webpage screenshot chrome with two commands – easiest way

The easiest and fastest way to take the full webpage screenshot in chrome without the extension and just two commands is below:Click "Option + Command...
how to customize homepage of opencart 3

How to customize the Opencart homepage? version 3

In this Opencart guide, we are showing how to customize the Opencart 3 homepage and make changes to layouts, and modules, edit homepage content in Opencart 3.
Opencart page speed

10 ways to speed up the Opencart 3 – website speed optimization

In this Opencart tutorial of website speed optimization, we are showing you 10 ways to speed up the Opencart 3 which you can do from the free Opencart module...
Affiliate flow chart

How does Affiliate work in Opencart 3?

An affiliate program is a marketing strategy to increase sales by increasing the partner who will sell our products for some commission. In Opencart 3 we will show how...
Popular posts of Category wordpress

Show top popular posts in categories wise by widgets in WordPress

This Wordpress plugin "Category Popular Posts" is to show category wise top popular posts in a widget. The widget has options to add a description, limit the number of...
PHP developer VSCode extensions

15 extensions of VS Code for PHP developer + one for opencart developer

In this post, we are going through the 15 Visual Studio Code extensions that we as PHP developers are using most for the rapid development and collaborations, likewise, show...

What is the Order total in Opencart 3? How to apply and create them?

In Opencart Order total modules are those which decrease or increase the total price of the total order. Some of the order total which decreases the total price are...
Opencart theme development from scratch designer

Create OpenCart theme development from scratch for designer (Part 1)

In this Opencart tutorial, we are listing out to create opencart theme development from scratch for the designer, we are trying to show how to integrate HTML into the...

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