Project proposal presentation of hotel reservation system- eCommerce

In this project proposal presentation of the hotel reservation system, we are showing the outline, and table of contents which includes background, overview, features, phases, special requirements, and limitations, and make it ready for internship presentation.

Final year Project Proposal On E-shopping with affiliation

Outline for System Proposal
Hotel Reservation and Information System

Preparing by
Ram KC and Ritesh Shrestha

Submitted to:

Nobel College
Sinamangal, Kathmandu

Date: July 2010

Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. Overview of Hotel Reservation System
  3. Features of the HRIS
  4. Phases for Project Development
    4.1 Problem Analysis
    4.2 Feasibility Study
    4.3 Project Analysis
    4.4 Project Design
    4.5 Project Coding
    4.6 Testing Code
  5. Special requirements
  6. Limitations
  7. What are the requirements that we need?

1. Background

Nepal is a growing tourist destination, there has been a good rise in the number of hotels and resorts in Nepal and the tourist sector is broadening thus we have chosen this sector to do our project and we are making Hotel Reservation System. The rapid development and commercialization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for the travel and tourism industry have prompted hotels and other enterprises in this sector to increasingly adopt these technologies. The ICT-based products and processes help the hotels to enhance operating efficiency, improve the service experience as well as provide a means to access markets on a global basis. ICTs were used in the hotel industry since the late seventies in the form of Computerized Reservation systems and Global distribution systems.

2. Overview of Hotel Reservation System

Hotel Reservation System has all the dynamic versatile features required to run hotels, motels, and guest house businesses. Hotel Reservation System offers an operational integration between reservations, guest history, reception/ front desk, Sales Ledger, Accounting, and Reporting modules. The software has the facility to generate a report for analyzing your booking, checking, and checkout status.
Hotel Reservation System is the best suit for managing your resource in a very simple but effective manner with minimal effort or time so that it increases your revenue. Hotel Reservation System helps you to manage small to medium size boutiques, hotels, Inns, cottages, Beds, campgrounds and cabins, and Breakfasts. A hotel management or booking system is designed to help you manage your booking and use the gathered data in reports to help analyze your marketing and financial results. Hotel Booking software is a complete software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management.

3. Main Features:

  1. Save the client’s information into the database prior to Booking or Check-in.
  2. Customize the type of Hotel rooms with prices.
  3. Booking for the customer for a specific date with advance payment.
  4. Check-in into the hotel for the duration.
  5. Check out from the hotel after payment operation.
  6. Each time make a reservation, the room status is updated and the customer details are added to your hotel database.
  7. The better option for expensive CRM.
  8. This system can be used by all of the hotels.
  9. This project is web-based and is using PHP and Mysql with other web technology.

The following sites are providing an online hotel booking system.

4. Phases for Project Development

Problem Analysis

In Nepal, there are more than 1000 hotels that are gaining their international customers but the online booking system is implemented by some renowned hotels only so the hotel reservation system is one of the projects that will be required in the Nepali tourist sector so we have chosen it.
Google Maps are also not in use and we are implementing it which will help the customer to find out the location of the hotel.
Customer Relationship Management is also established and we are maintaining it which will help to find out the customer repository.

Feasibility Study

There are many problems with the existing hotel reservation system in Nepal and the problems are stated in the problem analysis. It is economically feasible as we are making this for the partial fulfillment of the BCIS program and is operationally feasible as we are making this system by removing the threats and weaknesses of existing systems as well as it is technologically feasible as we are using open source coding with the use of PHP and MySql.

Project Analysis

In Project Analysis we collect data from different documents, manuals, and sites for the collection of the data we have interviewed different online booking use as well as the owners of the hotel.
Project Design

  • Account Manager
  • Administrators – The administrator can add/edit and manage administrator accounts.
  • Hotels Manager
    – Hotels – The administrator can manage hotels that will appear on the site with the hotel name, description, address, phone, and fax.
    – Room Types – The administrator can define the type of rooms in the hotels, and rooms’ prices, and upload an image for each room.
    – Hotel Rooms – For each hotel, the administrator can define the rooms available, room’s number, max occupants, and remarks on the specific room.
  • Bookings Manager
    – Bookings – All bookings and reservations made on the site are displayed with all booking details: arrival date, departure date, hotel name, room type, number of passengers, and price…
    – Available Rooms – The administrator can also search for room availability from the administrator’s panel and does not have to go on the site in order to look for hotels.
    – Bookings History – Administrators can view all bookings ever made on the site.
  • Reports
    – Bookings Statistics – The administrator can view statistics of booking on bar charts that show the difference in bookings according to months.
  • Options
    – Languages – Define the languages that will be viewed on the site with the language code.
    – Constants – For each language, the administrator can define the wording.


  • Panel Settings – Here the administrator can define the basic site name and header.
  • Menu Manager – Here the site administrator can rearrange the menu bar with the subpages of the administrator panel.
  • Site Settings – Here the administrator can define if to use pay pal on the site and if yes then what will be the pay-pal email address used, the administrator can also define the administrator email address where all reservation emails will be sent to.
  • Static Pages – Here the administrator can edit the content of the static pages on the site for each language: Area Information Page, Rooms Page…

Project Coding
With the use of programming languages, the system design is implemented to make the HRIS
Project Testing
The code that we will use will be tested and errors are debugged

July August September
Phases 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 1-4 weeks
Problem Analysis
Feasibility study
Project Analysis
Project Design
Project Coding
Project Testing
Project Implementation
GANTT chart representing time spans for project

5. Special requirements

Tools and techniques Name
HTML editor Macromedia Dreamweaver
Flash Dreamweaver Flash
Programming languages PHP, Mysql, Javascript, Facebook Markup Language, Paypal Code, Jquery, Ajax, Smarty templating, HTML, XML, DHTML, Style Sheets (CSS)
The guidance Hotel reservation system of other sites
Web Server Apache

6. Limitations

  • Periodically Changing the Hotel E-business Strategies
  • Hardware and Software errors may occur
  • Hacking and cracking may occur
  • Credit card scams may occur

7. What are the requirements that we need?

  • Reservation system.
  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and other marketing strategies.
  • How PayPal Transactions works or the implementation of the sandbox.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, Ajax, Jquery, and Flash.
  • Embedded code generation.
  • Knowledge about the other reservation system and the tourism sector

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