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17th Dec 2009

The HR manager
Everest Bank Ltd
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Subject: Regarding the internship provision

Respected sir/madam,

As a potential intern, with required qualifications and a strong desire to excel in the banking profession, I am seeking to align myself as an intern with a company that ranks top at the global market and also offers an internship to undergraduates like me.
I am seeking a professional opportunity where my educational and other co-curricular experiences can benefit your company as well as lead me to my career goal and drive me along my career path.

I keep forth my kind request to consider my application for an internship at your bank for a period of six weeks which is a must for the course of BCIS(Bachelor in computer information system) under Pokhara University. As under the university norms, we are supposed to select the specialized subject in the final year and I have decided to take part in the IT sector. This opportunity will help me to explore more during my classes and learn more.

I assure you that I will strongly adhere to the bank norms and rules during my tenure as an intern and at any time in the future. I will also fulfill my responsibilities with utmost dedication if given any.

I wait for your positive response.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Rupak Nepali
BCIS 7th semester
Nobel College

internship letter, cover letter, intern letter, letter of internship

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