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Opencart API, Opencart 4 and 3 API documentation for developer, postman

Opencart API documentation for the developer: supports output formats that return a JSON response. Output formats are defined by specifying the output request parameter....
Final year project ideas 2021

40 cool final year college projects for students in 2023

The final year project plays a vital role in deciding your career as a Computer Science student. The era of technology is constantly evolving...
final year project

Final year Project Proposal On E-shopping with affiliation

Project Proposal On E-shopping with affiliation A Project Proposal On E-shopping with Affiliation Submitted By:Jayman TamangRupak Nepali Submitted to:Nobel CollegeFaculty of managementPokhara University July 2010 Download...

Introduction of final year project on eCommerce or eShopping

CHAPTER ONE  Introduction 1.1 Background of the Project Nepal is a developing country and Information Communication and technology are playing their important roles in development of the...
Opencart AWS LAMP

Host LAMP stack in AWS Lightsail, Opencart hosting in AWS

In this hosting tutorial, we are looking into the AWS Lightsail LAMP stack, where we will host Opencart in AWS, and found out that...
eCommerce Marketing

Maximizing Your E-Commerce Success: The Power of Digital Marketing Strategies

In the fiercely competitive landscape of e-commerce, standing out from the crowd is essential. But how can you break through the noise and make...
Final year project proposal for hotel reservation

Project proposal presentation of hotel reservation system- eCommerce

In this project proposal presentation of the hotel reservation system, we are showing the outline, and table of contents which includes background, overview, features,...
Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) set up in Opencart Payment

As lot of our customers were asking for the Buy Now Pay Later setup so we researched how to setup BNPL payment method in...
Hubspot Blog Category

How to add categories for the HubSpot blog?

HubSpot supports tags for blog posts, there is no straight way to add categories for blogs in HubSpot, so to achieve that you need...
Show store locations on the contact us page

How to show multiple Store Locations on the contact us page of Opencart?

In Opencart 4 we can show multiple store locations on the contact us page, go to admin >> System >> Localization >> Store location...
Opencart user manual

How to build a free eCommerce website using Opencart 4 user manual in 2023

This Opencart user manual is for getting started with the Opencart online eCommerce website for 2022 for beginners, we are listing the best videos,...
OpenCart 3 theme development tutorial

How to develop an Opencart 4.0.1 custom theme? OpenCart 4 theme development tutorial

As part of the Opencart 4 theme development tutorial, We already showed you how to install Opencart 4 theme and to create Opencart 4...
Author image in hubspot blog

How to show the author’s image in the blog post on Hubspot?

We were designing the Hubspot theme and working on the blog listing and blog post of Hubspot, by default there was no author image shown
Insert SEO Keyword automatically in opencart

How to remove en-gb from the SEO URL of Opencart 4?

In Opencart 4, when we activate the SEO URL it contains the language as well and for the English language, it shows en-gb by default, which we don't like so we looked to remove it and the easiest way to remove en-gb is by following code.
Opencart errors

Common OpenCart Errors issues and How to Solve Them

This Opencart tutorial collects the most common errors that we face while developing and provides solutions for errors, try them and hope you could...
Third Party JavaScript Opencart 4 analytics extension

How to add an Analytics extension in Opencart 4? Third-party JS free Opencart extension

With the launch of Opencart 4 we did not find the Google Analytics Opencart 4 module that we used to have in Opencart 3,...
Metaverse eCommerce

Metaverse for E-commerce – What Retailers Need to Know

Metaverse could revolutionize how we shop online. By creating immersive and personalized experiences, retailers can engage with customers on a deeper level and increase sales
Opencart ckeditor iframe

How to make the CKeditor supports HTML, iFrame and scripts in Opencart editor?

Ways to configure the CKeditor to add the iframe, scripts and HTML markups like elements, attributes, classes, and styles.
ChatGPT uses in eCommerce business

OpenAI ChatGPT uses in eCommerce business

You may be thinking about how we can use the OpenAI ChatGPT in your eCommerce business, here we are showing you how you can...
Product variants Opencart

Master Product and Variant Product in Opencart

In Opencart we can create a variant product based on the master product. A product variant is a pre-defined option product. For example, let's say...