12+ Artificial Intelligence ideas that you can use for your eCommerce website

You already know that artificial intelligence can boost your eCommerce website sales. At the same time, you should understand that lacking proper use of artificial intelligence can be a giant threat to websites. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become essential in today’s world. Billions of market competitors compete in eCommerce on a daily basis. This is the reason you should know tips that can provide you with better opportunities in boosting your e-commerce up. Following are 12 proven AI tips that are regularly used by successful eCommerce websites:

Enhance full-proof Cybersecurity for your website

Cyber Security eCommerce

Always make no compromise with the security of your eCommerce. Hacking has been one of the heinous crimes in today’s growing world of online business. To lower the risk of hacking, you should select the most authentic spyware. Spywares are the most successful tools to counter any systematic harm to your eCommerce website.

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Retargeting customers with AI

retargeting customer

It is not unheard of that AI plays a key role in retargeting your customers. What that means is that you analyze your customer’s purchase history, likes, dislikes, and behavior. Based on this analysis, you can “retarget” your customers with relevant products.

For example, if a customer has a history of purchasing men’s fashion products like wristwatches, men’s wallets, sunglasses, etc, you can show them relevant products. These products can be caps, T-shirts, and bags just to name a few.

Let your Artificial Intelligence tools dictate that, and see how your customers sustain a series of purchasing histories with you.

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Automation of your website with AI

Artificial Intelligence has the best use in finding algorithms. It provides market retailers with all the information about what exactly they demand.

Automation keeps traffic to your eCommerce site. The task of producing customers can be done more effectively by AI. A recent survey from eMarketer shows that 65% of eCommerce businesses outperform their competitors that have their websites automated. The survey suggests that these eCommerce sites drive more traffic and repeat sales.

That is why it is inevitable to have your website automated. Consequently, this will bring you, loyal customers, in the long run.

Show Related Products to Customers Via Recommendations

Recommendations for the customers can be done through app developers. If you are unaware of the high-tech apps, then developers will help you out.

Basically, recommendations let your customers know about your brands. It collects all the data from the browsing history of customers.

Add ChatBots to your website

ChatBots allow and help your customers in the following ways:

  1. Letting your customer know what they want
  2. Answering the queries of your
  3.  Customers
  4. Act as a bridge between you and your customers 24/7

That is why it is pertinent for you to add chatbots to your website. Without chatbots, you are missing out on a massive opportunity for conversions and sales.

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Add voice search & voice assistant to your eCommerce website

Voice Search

Artificial Intelligence has developed so vastly. There are voice assistants to buy things online. It is time-saving and customer-friendly.

In this regard, Google’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are the best AI voice assistants. You can easily add voice search functionalities supported by modern browsers by changing simple HTML code. You can: How to add voice search for input form?

Quora creative stats show that 60% of searches will take place through voice. OC&C research also shows that smart speaker searches will increase by 55% in 2022. So, make adequate use of voices searches and get the most out of them.

Forecast your sales

Forecasting your sales means letting your customers know about your daily, weekly, or monthly sales. This will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. It will create a better bond with your customers
  2. Builds trust in your customers
  3. Increase sale reliability rate.

That is why it is mandatory for you to have an estimated projection of your weekly, monthly, and yearly sales. And none can project your expected sales than Artificial Intelligence Software. HubSpot, Trello, Pipe Drive, and Gong.io are some of the best AI tools for sales projections.

Filter Fake Reviews

Reviews eCommerce

Fake reviews cause huge damage to your e-commerce. They also damage the reputation market brand.

 That is why you should be using artificial intelligence to clean up the harm. There are multiple software and AI tools for this purpose. So, make use of it as much as you.

Set up Google reCaptcha or Basic Captcha

AI-based Smart Searches

artificial search

Your brand should have a smart search engine. It conveys the following positive gesture to your customers:

  1. Gives a professional look to your eCommerce website
  2. Makes your eCommerce website interesting
  3. Makes your eCommerce website smarter
  4. Gives sufficient proof of your website to be the best one.

That is why it is necessary for your website to have smart searches.

Personalizing your eCommerce website

According to recent research conducted by Consultancy, 74% of eCommerce brands increase their sales through personalization.

You should personalize your website activity through the following ways:

  1. Keep updating fresh market products
  2. Engage yourself with customers all the time
  3. Update your market content
  4. Decrease transaction time.

These ways will help you personalize your website and will keep your customers engaged. As a result, you will notice an immense conversion rate and increase in your Year over Year (YoY) revenue.

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Create Visual Search for your eCommerce website

It is very annoying for customers when they do not find the exact items on your e-commerce website. To avoid this, you should use NLP (natural language process).

Actually, NLP lets your customers search through pictures to match their market product. Thus, customers love shopping with you online.

Adding a visual search option to your e-commerce can boost up repeat sales and thus you can also get regular customers easily.

Add sale game options to your website

magic wheel

In order to attract potential sales and buyers should be the goal of your e-commerce website. Potential buyers are those buyers which are seriously interested in purchasing things from you.

Games like face recognition can help you in understanding the interest of your customers. Gaming also engages your customer to stay longer with your market brand.

Ways to increase eCommerce sales

Some additional AI ideas for your website

Better Customer Experience Via a 24/7 Customer Service

Real-Time Data Analysis

Active Engagement With Your Audience Via AI-based Automation

Self Designing & Building Functional Website Via AI Tools Like Take Maker

Artificial Intelligence Design (AID)

Better Solutions for Website Developers & Gamers Through AI

Proper Alignment of Sales & Marketing Team

Summing up

eCommerce websites need very careful precautions. If you want to get your eCommerce web boosted, you should be knowing basic tips. Simultaneously, you must have a hands-on understanding of Artificial Intelligence, since it plays a pivotal role in deciding the future of your eCommerce business.

That is why we have shared some of the most effective and useful artificial intelligence ideas that you can use for your eCommerce website. We are hopeful that these Artificial Intelligence ideas will help you in increasing the conversion rate and the Year over Year (YoY) revenue. Let us know if you have any other ways ideas of AI that you have used in eCommerce websites or have any questions or suggestions, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and read more about eCommerce, Web 3.0, blockchain, NFT, and the metaverse. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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