This post will show you how to install OpenCart 3 in your server. Video tutorial that shows installation of OpenCart 3

  • Go to and download latest version of OpenCart which is right now OpenCart verions
  • You will see as following table with latest version and previous versions.
  • Download and then unzip it. After unzip you will see as files and folders as in the images.
  • You have to upload files and folders of upload/ folder in your server.
  • Use FTP to upload files and folders of upload/ folder in your server and rename the config-dist.php to config.php, similarly go to admin/ folder and rename config-dist.php to config.php
  • Now open website URL in browser, you will see the License Agreement, click continue
  • In next step it performs Pre-Installation check whether PHP version is more than 5.4+, Register Globals is off,  Magic Quotes GPC  is Off, File Uploads is On, Session Auto Start is off, database extension settings is on, GD is On, cURL is on, OpenSSL is On, ZLIB is on and Zip is on. If it is not then you have to change your hosting setting to make as required setting for OpenCart
  • In Pre-Installation , it also check whether files and folders are writable or not for files and directories:
    • /config.php
    • /admin/config.php
    • /image/
    • /image/cache/
    • /image/catalog/
    • /system/storage/cache/
    • /system/storage/logs/
    • /system/storage/download/
    • /system/storage/upload/
    • /system/storage/modification/All these files and folders need to be writable
  • Once all are Ok as above click continue.
  • Next step is configuration for database and administration details, enter those database details for username, password and database name
  • Similarly enter username and password and email for the administration, then click continue.
  • Now go to folders and delete install/ folder
  • Now your shop is ready, with just some setting and your real products you can be ready to take the order.

I hope you find it easy to install the OpenCart 3. Let’s know if you need any help.


Rupak Nepali


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