UI trends for 2024

UI UX design services trends for 2024 that you should know, with technologies on the rise, some recurring ones that have been dominating the trends in recent years, and some new ones such as the use of algorithmic grids, are part of the toolbox that design professionals must have to create interfaces intuitive, beautiful and impressive user interfaces.

The Mobile First concept continues to predominate when creating interfaces, where UI designers play a key role in building responsive and visually attractive apps and sites.

In this article, we will learn about technologies, design styles, and tools that are redefining the creation of digital experiences. 

I believe that the design of digital experiences and user interfaces is in a very interesting phase, where we must balance aesthetics with functionality, anticipate changes in user patterns, and satisfy increasingly demanding audiences. As designers, we must be up to date with new trends

Zoom to UI trends for this year

  1. Responsive design
  2. Microinteractions
  3. voice interface
  4. Dark mode
  5. Accessibility
  6. Artificial intelligence and generative design
  7. Stunning typography
  8. cool gradients
  9. Augmented reality
  10. Parallax
  11. Brutalism
  12. Hyperrealism
  13. WebGL and 3D
  14. Algorithmic Grids

Responsive design

Although responsive design is by no means new, it is still essential. In 2024, its relevance will persist, adapting to the variety of devices and resolutions available.


Microinteractions are small events that give feedback to the user about an action they have performed through visual changes in the interface. 2024 will see a focus on micro-interactions that improve navigability and user satisfaction.

Voice interface

Voice interfaces are on the rise. Designers will be busy creating natural and fluid voice experiences to facilitate interaction.

Dark mode

We have already told you about the importance of dark mode. This mode, popular for its visual comfort and energy savings, will continue to be a design preference.


It’s not a trend. Accessibility is a pillar of design. In 2024, inclusion will be accentuated, adapting interfaces for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Artificial intelligence and generative design

Leveraging AI, this method creates dynamic interfaces based on specific interactions and parameters. This year we will see designers specializing in prompts to get the most out of layout and design with AI.

Stunning typography

The use of “Bold fonts” or bold and prominent fonts will be the protagonists, attracting the user’s attention and providing personality.

Cool gradients

The gradients, now more sophisticated and dynamic, enrich the visual palette and improve immersion. For two years it has been a must in the rankings of design trends.

Augmented reality

Merging the digital with the physical, this technology expands the possibilities of interaction and learning. We know that it is not new, but year after year it appears in the trend rankings, paving its way to maturity.


Parallax doesn’t die. You can love it or hate it, but this visual technique will remain relevant, adding depth and dynamism to interfaces with the development of narratives through layered transitions.


Inspired by architecture, this bold, minimalist style will offer contrasts and modularity. It is one of the newest trends and we believe that it can be talked about in the specialized media this coming year.


By precisely imitating real objects and settings, hyperrealism seeks to immerse the user in authentic experiences. 

WebGL and 3D

The 3D design will be more accessible, offering interactive and visual web experiences. Basically, WebGL is a standard that allows browsers to read three-dimensional drawings made with JavaScript, the language of the web. 

Algorithmic Grids

A grid is a grid that divides the space of a screen or viewport to distribute content and thus guide users’ attention through algorithms. Algorithmic grids are part of the trends that we will see in 2024.

“In light of the technologies, styles, and tools we review in this article, 2024 promises to be an exciting year in the UI UX design services world. I think it is important to know new trends to be at the forefront and also master the basics of digital design and, above all, know users and their changing needs,” concludes Macarena.


In conclusion, the UI trends for 2024 showcase a dynamic evolution toward immersive and user-centric experiences. From the rise of AI-powered interfaces to the seamless integration of AR and VR technologies, the landscape is ripe with opportunities for innovation. As designers and developers continue to push boundaries, accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability remain paramount. By embracing these trends and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, businesses can forge deeper connections with their audiences and stay ahead in an ever-changing digital world. Let’s embark on this journey together, shaping the future of UI design one trend at a time.

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