Marketo form administration tool – add or update field for all forms at once

We developed a Marketo form administration tool so that we can update all forms in Marketo or delete fields from all forms in Marketo at once. We need to add extra UTM fields to all Marketo forms, so doing one by one was time-consuming, so we created this web application where we can add the fields directly to all forms in Marketo.

Open the Marketo form administration by clicking the link below:

Login to the form with Marketo Account Id and Marketo API Access token

You will see the form like below and enter the Marketo Account Id and enter the Marketo Access token:

Marketo Account Id and Access Token

How to get the Marketo Account Id/ Munchkin Id?

Log in to Marketo >> Admin tab >> My Account >> Support Information section

Marketo Account Munchkin ID

You can copy the Munchkin ID and enter it into the form.

How to get the Marketo Access Token?

If you have not created the web service API already then you can create it by going to Admin >> Launch Point >> Click New Service >> and enter the details

API service Marketo

Once you created or have already created the service then you can click the View Details link of the API >> Click the “Get Token” button, copy it, and enter into the form.

Get access token Marketo

Form administration to enter details to delete or update the forms

Once you entered the Marketo account id and access token then you will see a form like below where you can enter the details to delete or update the forms. You can choose your options to delete or update the form. Then, enter the Field API Name to remove or update.

Where can you find the “Field API Name”?

Login >> Admin tab >> Field Management >> Search the field >> Click the field and you will get the detail where you can get the Field API Name

Custom field in Marketo to get field API name

Read More:

Delete the form field from all Marketo forms

Enter the form fields like below and click submit and all of your forms will delete the mentioned field.

Form administration to delete or update Marekto form

Once you submitted the form, it reports like below:

Report of form edited in the Marketo

Add field in all forms of Marketo

Enter the form fields like below and click submit and all of your forms will be updated with the mentioned field.

Update forms in Marketo

The reports that will show are like below after updating:

Report all form update

Problems, you can face are below:

– Marketo API calls limits 

– Server CURL calling limits

In this way, you can use the Marketo form administration tool and you can update all forms in Marketo or delete fields from all forms from Marketo. Hope this tool helps you, let us know in the comment below if you have any questions or suggestions, or issues that you see, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy!

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