Manage, send, apply and design custom Gift Vouchers in Opencart 3

In Opencart 3, gift certificate or gift voucher are the same, Customers can send a gift certificate to another recipient, the gift certificate will be emailed to the recipient after customer order has been paid for. Then the recipient can redeem the gift vouchers while checkout. The admin can add different voucher themes and send the gift vouchers to recipients from the admin section.

Create or design the voucher themes

Login to admin then go to Sales >> Gift Vouchers >> Vouchers theme, then click the add button, then enter the Voucher theme name and Image. The image you uploaded here will be sent to the email which is design for the email template image. Then click the Save button.

Opencart Vouchers theme Opencart

Once you save it, you can see it in the gift vouchers listing page:

Gift voucher theme list Opencart

Purchase a Gift Certificate and send to someone in Opencart

When someone visits https://YOURSITE/index.php?route=account/voucher then they will see the form like below:

The form includes the recipient’s name, recipient’s email, your name, your email, gift certificate theme that admin set up in the gift voucher theme, message and the amount that the sender wants to send. Once they entered the details, check the checkbox of terms and click continue. Then you will see a message like below:

Thank you message before purchase gift certificate

Then the buyer will click continue then they will see the shopping cart with the gift certificate like below, see the Product Name is “the amount sent” Gift Certificate for “name of the recipient”:

Shopping cart gift voucher Opencart

Once the sender click checkout and select or add the billing address then they will see the confirm section:

Confirm Gift voucher purchase

Once they click the confirm order button they will get the order success message.

Gift certificate order placed thank you

How recipients redeem the gift certificate?

When the sender sends the gift certificate then the recipient will get an email like below:

Gift certificate Opencart

In that email, you can see the redemption code which is “AziJFhrPi7“, the recipient can use the code in the shopping cart. When the recipient goes to the website which is in the email then the recipient add the product/s to the shopping cart and when they see the shopping cart then they can see the Use Gift Certificate section when the above code is entered and click “Apply Gift Certificate” button then the amount of gift certificate is applied like below:

Apply gift voucher in shopping cart Opencart

In the above example, the $100 gift certificate is applied and the amount is subtracted from the order total. Then the recipient can pay other remaining amount and checkout the products.

Management of Gift Vouchers by admin

The administrator can see the list of Gift vouchers or certificates created at admin >> Sales >> Gift Vouchers >> Gift Vouchers. The administrator can resend the email, delete the gift vouchers and add the gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers created Opencart

When the administrator clicks the add button then they will see the form like below:

Gift certificate add by admin

The administrator needs to add the “Code”, “From Name”, “From Email”, “To Name”, “To Email”, “Theme”, “Message”, “Amount”, and “Status” enabled and click save button. Then, similar email like above will be sent to the email where they can see the gift voucher code which the recipient can use in their checkout.

How to set a minimum and maximum amount a customer can purchase a voucher for?

The administrator can set a minimum and maximum amount a customer can purchase a gift voucher, for that, go to admin >> System >> Settings >> edit the store >> click the Options tab and go to the Voucher section where you can set Voucher min and Voucher max.

Gift vouchers min and max setting

In this way, you can manage, send, apply and design custom gift vouchers or certificates in Opencart 3. Please post your questions or comments so that we can add extra topics. You can follow us at our twitter account @rupaknpl. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for Opencart tutorials, and click to see all Opencart user manual.

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