Manage Admin dashboard in Opencart 3, add and remove widgets

In this Opencart user manual, we are showing about the dashboard in the administration area of Opencart, right now there are 8 default widgets provided by Opencart: Recent Activity, Sales Analytics, Total Customers, World Map, People Online, Total Orders, Latest Orders, and Total Sales.

When you login in the admin section then you can see the dashboard with some widgets like below:

Dashboard widgets on Opencart admin

How to enable and disable Dashboard widgets in the Opencart admin section?

You can enable and disable those widgets as per your needs. Please go to admin >> Extensions >> Extensions >> Choose the extension type >> Dashboard.

Dashboard widgets Opencart

When you edit the widgets then you can see the settings like the image below:

Dashboard widget settings Opencart

The width is the size of the widget, the total width is 12 and we can resize the width of widgets as per our need. Here you can select the status to enable and disable the widget. Also, we can sort order the widgets as well.

There are 8 widgets to show in Opencart Dashboard:

Recent Activity

You can activate the reporting of recent activity from the admin >> System >> Settings >> edit the store >> then in the Options tab >> find the Customers Activity and select Yes. Once you activate then you start seeing customer recent activities. You can see details of reporting in Opencart here.

Sales Analytics

Sales analytics shows the sales chart for orders and customers.

Total Customers

Total customers show the total number of customer

World Map

The World map shows the numbers of orders and sales total on the map of the country.

People Online

People online shows the number of people is that are online now if yours just always says zero well it may be true there may only be zero people online at the time or your settings is not logging the people online, you can see admin >> System >> Settings >> Option tab >> Account section and select Yes for customers online. Most importantly it is better to off or disable it because it will insert data in the database for each visitor so if visitors are a lot then it is not a good idea.

Total Orders

The total orders widget shows the total number of orders placed.

Latest Orders

The latest orders widget shows the latest 10 orders placed.

Total Sales

The total sales widget shows the total sales amount.

In this way, you can add custom fields in Opencart 3 for customers, addresses, and affiliates. Please don’t forget to post your questions or comments so that we can add extra topics. You can follow us at our twitter account @rupaknpl. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for Opencart tutorials, and click to see all Opencart user manual.

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