How product returns are handled in Opencart 3? Opencart user manual

Opencart 3 has return functionalities by default. In this Opencart user manual, we are showing you how returns are managed and handled in Opencart 3 by site administrator and customer.

Product Returns settings management:

For the product returns settings management, go to Admin >> System >> Localization >> Returns where you can find three sections: Return statuses, Return Actions and Return Reasons.

Return Statuses:

Return statuses are used by the store administrator when product returns are filed. You can add multiple return statuses as per need at Admin >> System >> Localization >> Returns >> Returns Statuses. By default, Opencart 3 provides “Awaiting Products”, complete and pending return statuses.

Product return statuses Opencart

Return Actions

Return Actions are also used by the store administrator when product returns are filed. You can add the return actions at Admin >> System >> Localization >> Returns >> Returns Actions and three actions are provided by default: Credit Issued, Refunded and Replacement Sent.

return actions opencart

You can see the return actions when you edit a return at Admin >> Sales >> Returns and you will see at the bottom where you can select the return action.

Return Reasons

We can see the return reasons at the customers’ return form. You can add the return reasons from Admin >> System >> Localization >> Returns >> Returns Reason. Five return reasons are provided by default by Opencart: Dead on Arrival, Faulty, please supply details, Oder Error, Other, please supply details, and Received the Wrong Item.

Opencart return reason

How does customer submit product returns in Opencart 3?

In Opencart 3 customers can submit product returns by going to the URL https://YOURURL//index.php?route=account/return/add. In the default installation, the return link is at the footer second column at customer services. The product returns form looks like below:

Frontend product returns section of Opencart

When someone fills this out then they will get a success message like:

Product return success

Customer can view their return requests by going to their account dashboard and clicking “View your return requests”. You can see the list of returns that you requested like below:

Customer product return list

When the customer clicks the view then they will see the product returns like below:

Customer product return detail

Store administrator management of product returns

After the customer submits the product returns then the Store administrator will see the product returns at Admin >> Sales >> Returns. You will see a list of product returns submitted by customers.

administrator product returns

When you click edit then you will see the form like below:

edit product returns opencart

You can see the details given by the customer, order information, product information, reason for the return, and return action. Once you change the return action it will show to the customer section as well. Now click on the History tab, then you will see the form like below:

product returns history in Opencart

When you add a return history of the product and it will be shown in the customer section.

In this way, you can manage the product returns in Opencart. Please don’t forget to post your questions or comments so that we can add extra topics. Likewise, you can follow us at our twitter account @rupaknpl, subscribe to our YouTube channel for opencart tutorials, and click to see all Opencart user manual.

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  1. Thank you for this. Now the interesting part is, how does the system processes the goods returned. Will the goods be added to the stock, will a credit note be created. Or is this all stuff that needs to be done manually.
    Thanks for looking into this.


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