1.2 Targets

1.2.1 Reduce severe and moderate malnutrition among children under three years of age at 40 percent by the year 2007;

1.2.2  Reduce iron deficiency anaemia in pregnant women to 58 percent by the year 2007;

1.2.3  Reduce sub clinical vitamin A deficiency among children under five years of age to 19 percent by preventive measures by the year 2007;

1.2.4  Reduce nutritional blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency among pregnant women to 3 percent by the year 2007
1.3 Indicators

Main IndicatorsNumerator and Denominator
1Growth-monitoring coverageNumber of visits  x 100
Number of targeted visits
2 Proportion of malnourished children (weight for age)Number of children (0-36 months) under low growth curve for 1st visit  x 100
Number of children (0-36 months) new cases
3 Vitamin A mass distribution  coverageNumber of children (6-59 months) who received vitamin A capsules  x 100
Target Population (6-59 months)
4  Postpartum Vitamin A coverageNumber of Postpartum women supplemented with vitamin A capsule  x 100
Total number of Expected pregnancies
5 Iron distribution coverage (women)Number of pregnant women who receive at least some iron tablets x 100
Target population (expected pregnancies)
6 Deworming coverageNumber of children (1-5 years) receiving deworming tablets twice a year  x 100
Number of children of 1-5 years
7  Iodised salt coverageNumber of Households using adequately iodised salt (³15 ppm) x 100
Number of Households Surveyed
8 Urinary iodine excretion (UIE)³ 100 microgram iodine per litre of urine (Median)


 Calculated as follows: 1/3 x target population x 6 visits + 2/3 target pop. x 4 visits, where target population is all children 0-36 months of age. This target cannot be monitored with HMIS data at the central level, but a sample survey of Nutrition Registers will provide this information.  Note: In FY 2061/62, the target for visits was to be 85 percent of children 0-36 months of age.

The target was 85 percent of expected pregnancy in FY 2061/62.


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