Set Shipping to Selected Countries Only in OpenCart

By default, OpenCart has every country enabled in your Localisation settings. What if your online store only caters to a few countries. Disabling them all in the admin panel one by one would be a pain. You would have to:

  1. Open System > Localisation > Countries menu in admin panel.
  2. Click Edit on the country you want to disable.
  3. Choose Disabled in the Status field.

You would have to iterate this process several times if you are to do this manually.

A solution to this is to disable all of them at once through an SQL statement and enable the countries individually in the admin panel which is about a hundred times easier than the latter. Here’s how:

  1. Open your OpenCart database in phpMyAdmin or any other database management tool you use.
  2. Execute the following SQL: UPDATE country SET status=0. This SQL statement sets the Status of all countries to Disabled.
  3. Go back to your admin panel and enable your selected countries manually.

When a visitor registers as a customer in OpenCart, only the enabled countries will appear.

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