OCMOD free module to show product availability on categories pages and modules

This Opencart free Ocmod module will show product availability on categories pages and in the featured module, bestseller module, lastest module and in special module. By default when the product quantity is greater than zero, it will show Availability: In Stock, if the product quantity is zero then it will show the product status assigned while entering the products.

Status is shown when a product is out of stock the one selected below. The default options are: In Stock, Pre-Order, Out Of Stock, and 2-3 Days:

Out of Stock Opencart

Download the module by clicking the below button and go to admin >> Extensions >> Installer >> then upload the downloaded product-availability.ocmod.zip. If you are having an installation problem then watch this video

After that go to admin >> Extensions >> Modifications and clear the cache and you will see the changes in a featured module like the one below:

Featured module Product Availability

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Likewise, you can see the availability in categories pages like below:

Show availability in category page

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