how to show modules in all pages of opencart 1.5

With the current Layout System we can:

  1. Set module to show on all page.
  2. Set different module to show on different page (based on route).
  3. Set different module (maybe Banner) to different Category, Product and Information page.
  4. If you have multi-store, you can set all feature above for different store.

Overview: How it works?

  1. First, opencart will check is there any Layout specifically for Category, Product or Information Page. Then apply it.
  2. When the first check above return false, opencart will check is their Layout based on route URL is available.
  3. When the second check above return false, opencart use Store Layout as a “fallback”.

Layout system in opencart, a specific module to a specific page

How the layout system works is explained well in the following links by Qahar from Indonesia. Thanks to him.

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