Opencart SEO tips

This simple Opencart OCMod file will remove the index.php?route= in Opencart and shorten the URL of OpenCart for contact us page, common home, checkout, cart, voucher, account, log in, manufacturer, affiliate login, password forget URL and others.

Once you download above, you will get extract it and rename to, then go to admin >> Extensions >> Installer then upload the Then download following SEO-URL.sql

Once you download above you will get, extract it, you will get seo-url-add.sql. Then go to admin >> System >> Maintenance >> Backup & Restore, and click the Restore tab and click Import and select seo-url-add.sql.

Once this is successful then go to admin >> Extensions >> Modifications >> then click refresh buttone

Then you are all set.

If you are still seeing issues then check if you complete all of the below:

  • Don’t forget to refresh your modifications.
  • Your SEO URL need to be active
  • If you are running your store in sub-folder then don’t forget to add it in .htaccess.

For those who are developer:

The developer can do the following to make more changes as needed. Open catalog/controller/startup/seo_url.php and in the public function rewrite($link) method add below code after parse_str($url_info[‘query’], $data);

if ($data['route'] == 'common/home'){
    $url .= '/';
if ($data['route'] == 'information/contact'){
    $url .= '/contact';
if ($data['route'] == 'account/return/add'){
    $url .= '/returnadd';
if ($data['route'] == 'information/sitemap'){
    $url .= '/sitemap';
if ($data['route'] == 'product/manufacturer'){
    $url .= '/manufacturer';
if ($data['route'] == 'account/voucher'){
    $url .= '/voucher';
if ($data['route'] == 'affiliate/login'){
    $url .= '/affiliatelogin';
if ($data['route'] == 'product/special'){
    $url .= '/special';
if ($data['route'] == 'account/login'){
    $url .= '/login';
if ($data['route'] == 'checkout/cart'){
    $url .= '/cart';

Add as much URL as you want in here and its rewrite URL. Then go to admin >> Design >> SEO URL and add them each except for home page. Like for contact us page

So you need to insert for all, then you will see the changes or you can directly import the following seo-url.sql file at admin >> System >> Maintenance >> Backup/Restore. Download it. Check the database table prefix if it is different than oc_ if yes then need to change in the sql file.

Or run following SQL in your database

INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'checkout/cart', 'cart');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'account/login', 'login');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'affiliate/login', 'affiliatelogin');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'account/voucher', 'voucher');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'product/manufacturer', 'manufacturer');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'information/sitemap', 'sitemap');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'account/return/add', 'returnadd');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'information/contact', 'contact');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'checkout/checkout', 'checkout');
INSERT INTO `oc_seo_url` (`seo_url_id`, `store_id`, `language_id`, `query`, `keyword`) VALUES (NULL, '0', '1', 'product/special', 'special');

You can add other URLs as per your need. You can keep on customizing and let us know tips and tricks to improve it.

Rupak Nepali


  1. Hi Rupak,

    This blog is really helpful!!
    Rupak i want to add ‘About us’ link beside desktop link in header and on click same aboutus page should open , How can i achieve that ?


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