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Opencart themes for free blog category contains free OpenCart themes available. But mostly we will be posting our own theme “NepalBuddhaOpencartThemeFree” and improvements on it, adding more free modules and functionalities.


Opencart theme development environment setting up automation: Gulp, package.json, Yarn NPM setup

In this Opencart tutorial, we are setting up the OpenCart theme development environment with a gulp, package.json, yarn or NPM, create files and folder structure for development with the...

How to clone the default theme of Opencart 3 to custom theme?

In this Opencart tutorial, we will show how to create custom Opencart 3 theme. We will go through the default theme files and folders and then clone default theme...
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How to create a custom page in Opencart 3 – Category listing Part 2

In the previous opencart tutorial, we show a basic way to create a custom page in OpenCart 3. Here we are showing you by creating the categories listing custom...

Opencart 3 theme free, download and documentation

We just started to create OpenCart 3 themes for free and keep on adding our modules which are also free. So enjoy it.
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Free Opencart theme, template for free by Shyn (An Opencart User)

Today I am very amazed why the following templates are free. I was just searching for the free template found out a bunch of themes which are free and have the...