College internship report online earnings, Website Programming – Part VIII

In this college internship report, we are showing online earnings and website programming recommendations, conclusion, program workplace relationships, and bibliography.



There are few things which can be implemented and improvements can be made.

  1. There must be a career development opportunity for the employees so that they can work energetically in the organization as there is high turnover due to lack of information in the related sector.
  2. The remuneration System must help in motivation as a better remuneration package can do more in this highly competitive environment.
  3. The work environment at DP Sign is such that it does not encourage the staff to work effectively and I recommend that jobs should be such that the worker really enjoys what they are really doing.
  4. The staff as an individual is good but as a team is very bad, this thing should be overcome by promoting the team-based culture by the company.
  5. What I feel while working in DP Sign was that the top management is taking HRD as an expense rather than an investment as in the future the real capital or asset will be in the form of the workforce rather than monetary capital.
  6. In DP Sign there are uses of advanced technology so the employee outside the world cannot cope easily with the internal environment so the socialization process should perform while recruiting the new employee.
  7. I suggest DP Sign to make a website to unite their online earning team and the exchange of click can be done so that everyone can get benefits.
  8. There are problems in web hosting services as the mail is sent to the scams sector so it should be maintained and the reliable up to date time is 98% only so the web hosting services should be changed.



The internship program is one of the training that helps students to learn a lot and my vision and practical exposure have broadened very much from my three months internship.

In the website development and online earning sector, DP Sign is contributing a lot and is using modern technology to take the company to new horizons and is moving as per its slogan “A strategic partner of our clients, not a mere vendor”.

After doing my internship it becomes clear to me that books are only dealing with the ideal situation while in the real world it is not so, and you have to face many problems particularly in programming and designing field in which you are dealing with codes and the behavior of software to handle them. Besides this, I just came across with abstract and the concepts developed with thorough study able to make a vague mental image while working in a real scenario.

Further, I also concluded that 100 percent concentration, full care, analytic descriptive, knowledge and communication skills are the key prerequisites for working in the real world.

Anyhow, precisely speaking this internship of three months is a memorable period for me during which I availed the opportunity to flourish my communication skills, polish my capabilities and abilities, upgrade my knowledge about the latest technology and application tools and broaden my vision and exposure towards practical life.

This internship proves better for me in two way, on one side it helps to develop a personality in me which exactly match the professionalism in web development and secondly it helps to strengthen my decision about the specialization in web technology as my personality exactly match the nature of the job.



This project has proved to be very useful in putting the theoretical knowledge learned in college into practical knowledge. Through this project, the various subjects learned by us such as the principle of management, system analysis, and design, C programming, web technologies, Object-oriented languages, organizational behavior, and other programming have been put into use practically.

The subject matter of system analysis and design and other programming languages and web technologies learned theoretically were put into use in this project. Planning of the assignment, locating information sources, collecting and analyzing data, presenting charts and tables, programming, website designing and programming, understanding system and software as well as re-engineering them, etc. which are already studied by us in books was very helpful in putting it into practical experiences and preparing this project. The theoretical knowledge of web technologies, programming languages and managerial courses were helpful in carrying out the SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, and other analysis.

This program is very helpful in putting our theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. All the subject matter studied by us in the previous semester was put into use while carrying out this project. Studying books is a different thing and going through all the things studied is different. This program has provided a platform to undergo real-life problems and experiences of business which will be fruitful to us in the coming years


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Sample Project Delivery Organization for a large project

Fig: Sample Project Delivery Organization for a large project in DP Sign

In-House Development process in DP SIGN

Fig: In-House Development process in DP SIGN

Business Volume as per the department in DP Sign

Fig: Business Volume as per the department in DP Sign

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