Make eCommerce Customers Feel Safe on the Website

With technological advancements, customer behavior is drastically affected by the way they perceive information safety. A customer is the same customer, whether it is in a traditional market or an online market. However, it makes a major difference with online stores only by the trust you create with them. Customers in the contemporary era look for data safety, transaction safety, the right product, and an ethical way of communication. 

Customers should feel quite secure before making their first purchase from you. After all, e-commerce does not run like a standard brick-and-mortar storefront. Here, shoppers cannot walk away with multiple products at the cash counter. Every customer tends to process the aspect of safety even before entering details for registration. Shoppers click away and visit another store wherever they feel safer and more comfortable if they are hesitant about the brand, the item, or the transaction.

Gaining your customers’ trust is fundamental to maintaining your corporation in the age of significant internet fraud. However, the absence of a data security architecture is one of the major errors that e-commerce businesses make. The majority of junior players consider they are too minor to be challenged. It is not enough to give customers tempting products or exceptional service. If your website experiences a massive violation or customers believe you are not preserving their data, they purchase from elsewhere. Regulatory issues, marketing privacy, and new and developing technologies are some of the viable solutions to obtaining shoppers’ trust.

9 Ways to Make Customers Feel Safe

Reveal your Company Details

When operating an eCommerce store, it is vital to connect with customers in a personal manner. Here, you need to display vital pieces of company information through mass communication. Your About US page should clearly define the company, its location, and its vision. Customers can feel safe when they gain the trust of people operating the business. For this, you can do the following processes.

  • Always stick to the language from the first person point of view (I and We).
  • Create a personal connection by using the right words that depict the trust and problem-solving nature of the company.
  • Include photographs of your organization’s team members, directors, and important people.
  • Display a timeline as to how long you have been in the business. 
  • Be clear about your vision and mission that drive customers to your thoughts.

Avoid Storing Card Details

Credit or debit card information and buyer names are necessary for a smooth checkout during eCommerce shopping. However, it is unnecessary to keep them on an online server. Storing such private data online is equivalent to creating ways that hamper cyber security. If necessary, keep them in portable storage devices to keep them away from cyber criminals.

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Get an SSL certificate

SSL Certificates are incredibly reliable security that guarantees the minimum price for the latest 256-bit industry encryption. If you want to make a safe environment on the website, your website should have an SSL certificate. Do not worry; SSL is not a pricy deal now.

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Ensure Regular Security Patches

A security patch involves adding code to systems, programs, or software to “patch” the weakness. This strengthens the system’s security against attack. Hackers that enjoy the benefits of the loopholes in older software versions can probably carry the vulnerable act of data hack or a severe cyber-attack. Hackers mainly possess unpatched software that permits them to monitor websites and uncover vulnerable systems or web pages.

Lay Importance on Strong Passwords

Customers are more likely to trust a particular eCommerce store when the website asks them to put in passwords that are more robust. Customers are the principal guardians of their private data. Hence, any platform that helps set complex passwords will likely gain their confidence. Strong passwords that are impossible to break become customer security’s first line of defense. A customer-focused online store should require its shoppers to create secure passwords with various letters, numbers, and symbols.

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Create a Good Website Interface 

A poorly constructed, disorganized, or incomplete website conveys the impression that the business is also poorly organized. No customer wants to navigate through multiple tabs to find the right product. A customer is not likely to place an order, considering the risk associated with a poorly structured website.

  • Your website should have a straightforward, appealing design that encourages people to explore deeper.
  • Ensure the website is quick and responsive towards customer queries, loading, and waiting time for each section to appear with clarity. 
  • Make sure every product has transparent pricing, comprehensive and appealing product information, and elevated images, so customers know precisely what they are purchasing. 
  • Try and test all your links are operational and have someone else proofread your content to ensure that it is clear and free from errors.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Most essential accounts, especially those that handle customer information, should use two-factor authentication. Businesses can assist prevent theft and illegal access by asking users to submit their login details and a code received by them via the preferred channel of communication.

Users must provide their login information and an additional piece of information, such as a code sent to their phone, to use the secure communication known as two-factor authentication. You can prevent the theft or compromise of consumer information by always opting for two kinds of authentication. This creates a sense of faith in customers because they need to make an extra effort for their data safety.

Be PCI-DSS Compliant

An information security guideline for businesses that deal with branded credit card payments from the main card schemes is called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The council’s foundation is the PCI DSS since it offers the methodology required for creating an overall payment card data security process that includes prevention, identification, and adequate awareness of security issues. Thanks to PCI Compliance, your standing with acquirers and payment companies can easily improve. 

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Build Relationships with Customers

Customers do not keep checking your eCommerce platform now and then. You are responsible for keeping them aware of fresh products, enhanced services, minor changes in terms and conditions, or basic changes in the user interface. Stay connected to your customers through blog posts, social media, or Mailers that help them understand your business. 


Increasing consumer trust requires continual work. Throughout the purchasing process, consumers have a variety of worries. Security measures can be applied as a new beginning for achieving total e-commerce security while improving client experience. You develop trust by consistently living up to promises and doing what you say you will do.

Building a trustworthy community of stakeholders and employees also benefits from routinely training personnel on how to safeguard client information and follow corporate policies and procedures.

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