Auto Addition of Product by clicking in Link which will redirect clicker directly to shopping cart

Auto Addition of Product by clicking in Link which will redirect clicker directly to shopping cart

Auto Addition of Product by clicking in Link which will redirect clicker directly to shopping cart.

Are you doing email marketing then this will be very useful.

This will be very useful for email marketing

You create Audience and build your list to send your email, now you started to make a beautiful design for email and manage great content and subject line. Create a CTA.  Your call(s) to action is one of the most important pieces of content in your email. Outside of getting your subscribers to open your email (via a compelling subject line), your next goal is to get your subscribers to click on your content. 

E-mail is opened and email reader is eager to click your CTA but where do you want to direct the click.

Taking OpenCart into consideration it only gives product detail page, category page, home page etc but it does not provide link that directly add product to the cart and directly show the shopping cart. So this module provides you link that directly add products into cart and redirect to the shopping cart which will leads to increase in the conversion rate.

Some useful tips for creating CTAs from email marketing best practices:

  • Design your email and write your copy around your CTA.
  • Make it bold and prominent.
  • Don’t clutter the space with a CTA that’s too big or diminish it with one that’s too small.
  • Consider (tactful) multiple placements to draw the eye of the reader.






If you don't have options then you can send only product_id.

If you want to add only one quantity then no need to pass but if you want to add more quantity when clicked then you need to send quantity value as well.

If you have options then it is quite tricky.

If your option is Size (id=246) having option value Small (id=71)

and another option is Color (id=247) having option value black.

Need to take care of dashes and underscores, dashes separate between option and underscore separate between option and option value.

Please contact us if you have any issues about opencart click here.

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