Opencart theme development from scratch designer

In this Opencart tutorial, we are listing out to create opencart theme development from scratch for the designer, we are trying to show how to integrate HTML into the Opencart theme.

Being two years experienced in OpenCart projects, today I would like to introduce the OpenCart theme development course and make the OpenCart theme from scratch.

Right now OpenCart version is 3 and we are desperately waiting for OpenCart version 4 and hope it will be launched soon. So because of this, we are using version

Before going through the theme development please watch the following videos which describe OpenCart programming knowledge:

OpenCart theme Basic files structure

An OpenCart theme is a collection of the template, stylesheet, and images files and folders which is found in the view folder.

Let’s check the default theme folder structure:

A TPL file consists of regular HTML markup interspersed by PHP code for the functionality.


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