Automatically post new Opencart products on social media like Facebook for free

Today we are showing you how we can automatically post new Opencart products on social media with one free plugin that we developed and a free online tool like IFTTT. There are multiple online tools for automation but we are using IFTTT today.

First, install the Product RSS feed on your Opencart admin, download the Products RSS Feed for Opencart 4, install it and you will get URLs like the below:

Product rss feed Opencart

Click for more details on how to install and set up Products RSS Feed for Opencart 4

Second step, go to and create an account then search for “RSS to Facebook”, then click one of the applets connect your Facebook and give access to pages.

RSS to Facebook IFFT

Once, you give access to Facebook pages to IFTTT(for a free account you can select only one Facebook page). Then you will see the settings page like below where you can add the Feed URL that you get by installing the module above and select the Facebook page account:

RSS to Facebook Opencart

Once you save the settings, your products are automatically posted on Facebook and that can look like below, where the post posted on facebook page shows “Published by IFTTT”.

Opencart facebook autoposted

Some other Automation Tools

Let’s take a look at some popular tools that can help you auto-publish your Products via RSS feeds:

1. Buffer:

  • Buffer is a widely used social media management tool. It offers RSS feed integration, allowing you to schedule product updates to multiple social platforms.

2. Hootsuite:

  • Hootsuite is another robust social media management tool that supports RSS feed integration. It enables you to manage and schedule products on various social networks.


  • is designed specifically for content distribution via RSS feeds. It offers customizable posting schedules and supports various social media platforms.

4. Zapier:

  • Zapier is an automation platform that can connect your RSS feed to hundreds of other apps, including social media platforms. It offers great flexibility in creating custom automation workflows.

Benefits of Auto-Publishing via RSS

Automating your Product sharing via RSS feeds comes with several benefits:

1. Time Efficiency: Save time by eliminating manual posting, allowing you to focus on creating content.

2. Consistency: Ensure that your products are shared consistently and promptly after publication.

3. Wider Reach: Reach a broader audience by sharing content across multiple social media platforms.

4. Improved Engagement: Engage your audience with real-time updates, encouraging interaction and discussions.

5. SEO Boost: Increased social media presence can positively impact your website’s SEO.


Auto-publishing your products to social media via RSS feeds is a powerful strategy to streamline your content distribution process. By selecting the right automation tools and configuring them to fit your needs, you can save time, enhance audience engagement, and expand your online reach. Embrace the world of automation, and let RSS feeds and tools do the heavy lifting, ensuring your products reach your audience efficiently and effectively.

In this way, you share your products automatically with the use of the Products RSS feed module for Opencart 4. Please let us know if you have any kind of projects, you can email us at Hope you liked this free opencart module, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and get more Opencart free extensions. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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