Opencart Paypal sandbox always send the pending status although complete

While testing Paypal with Opencart, Paypal sandbox always sends the pending status although completed. We were working with the Paypal sandbox business account and Opencart opensource and getting this problem.

We were working for the to make the instant delivery system. We got stuck for around 1 day as the PayPal complete status is also sending pending status. We checked it many times and installed many new installations but the result is the same. Always we get the pending status.

Instant delivery system in opencart
The instant delivery system in opencart

So, we have to test it live with real payment. We were successful to accomplish the given project.

Now, what was the real problem we found was, we were using the live Paypal email address instead of the business account or in-store email account created at the sandbox. 🙂

So, we create a business account and insert it into the Paypal payment address and it started to track the correct status.

We created the store on Opencart and just changed the Paypal email at Modules>> Payments >> Paypal Standard. We inserted the business PayPal email and it starts working.

Paypal checkout email address we are using Personal Verified In-Store Checkout Enabled    
  Country:   United States Business Name:   None Credit Card:   Visa  4502177194947462
Exp Date: 7/2017 Bank Account:   Checking (Confirmed)
Routing Number: 325272063
Bank Account Number: 254497029715223 Balance:   5000.00 USD Email:   Confirmed Phone Number:   4089836609 First Name:   Rupak Last Name:   Nepali Notes:     Date Created:   Jul 2, 2012, 10:21:36 PDT

Likewise, we use the following business account Business Verified    
    Country:   United States Business Name:   Deepak Nepali’s Test Store Credit Card:   Visa  4215085155458882
Exp Date: 7/2017 Bank Account:   Checking (Confirmed)
Routing Number: 325272063
Bank Account Number: 297595978189791 Balance:   3811.94 USD Email:   Confirmed Notes:     Date Created:   Jul 15, 2012 06:06:27 PDT

Opencart PayPal sending only pending status at the sandbox, opencart sandbox PayPal

Let us know if you are getting any payment issues so that we can help you to solve it.

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