Opencart 3 free module to list or display all Reviews of products on one page

This Opencart 3 free module or extension is to list out or display all reviews of products on a page. This is one instance module. It lists out the product name, small description of the product, star rating given to the product and the details of the review and the reviewer name and date with the totals reviews for that product and link to it and products add to cart button, wishlist button, and compare button.

First, download the module by clicking the button below

Go to Admin >> Extensions >> Installer and upload the

Then, go to Admin >> Extensions >> Extensions >> Choose Modules >> Install the All reviews module then edit it. If you need more details on how to install extensions then watch it.

Admin section setting

You will see the admin setting for All reviews module like below:

All reviews show Opencart module

Enter the details.

  • Heading Title at Listing Page
  • Meta Description and Short description
  • Number of Reviews to show in a page
  • Product Image Width
  • Product Image Height
  • Show link in the main menu
  • Status


Then in the browser go to https://YOURURL/index.php?route=extension/product/allreviews,

All reviews listing opencart free module

See the demo here:

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