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eCommerce Website: 5 Winning Design Tactics

eCommerce selling is a huge business nowadays and we have developed and analyzed multiple eCommerce websites here are our 5 winning design tactics for high sale conversions. With sales hitting the roof, anything that has to be sold on eCommerce needs some tactic to make it salable and “sellable”. For the platform of eCommerce, any listings must be optimized. This means that images must be the right size, and resolution and have workable keywords. Strategies and tactics for the design of any product sale on eCommerce must be thoroughly thought out. In the sections that follow, you will find five tactics related to design, that work on eCommerce:

1. Differentiation

This is vital, and differentiation between images that are primary and secondary count. The main image is what customers see first. This should resonate with a brand in the best possible way. Any other images may not have as much of an emotional or drastic effect when a customer views them. The first impression must create a massive positive impact.

2. Educate Buyers and Persuade them to Buy

The big deal about buying on an eCommerce website, and what makes it stand out from other eCommerce portals, is that it educates potential clients. Humans react to visual stimuli, mainly images, and videos. Rather than write about something (which you may do also), you should educate customers with images, graphics, and videos. Infographics are great to do this. Customers also positively respond to reviews, images of comparisons, and images pertaining to lifestyle.

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3. Personalization with Evocative Stimuli 

Design is all about evoking feelings in a potential customer. For instance, if you are trying to sell diapers to new mothers, you should show new mothers with babies the benefits of the products. A personal connection must be forged between an image or infographic (or a video) and the potential customer. The next way that you can use the influence of personalization is if you make customers feel that they are shopping with a helping hand. For instance, if clients go shopping with a friend in the physical world, they should feel this way shopping online too. What other sellers may do is recommend items, similar to preferences that customers have exhibited.

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4. Visualize the Lifestyle

Products positioned on multiple marketplaces do not exist in a void. When a product is displayed, it should be in such a way as to show how it exists in a client’s life. How can it make your customer’s life better in some way? The customer must be able to visualize any product as it would fit into their life. Consequently, “future pacing” is an effective design tool to get customers to imagine products in their lives at some point in the future (that is after they buy them). If customers can do this, they automatically see the value of the product for them. This prompts the purchase of the product.

This is a persuasion technique used in eCommerce. The other is to rate products by a number of stars. The more the number of stars, the higher the product rating.

5. Validation is the Key

Savvy customers know when they see a good design idea these days. They may not know the strategy behind using it, but they grasp how it affects them in a positive or a negative way. Ideas have to have validation, no matter how good images or videos are. You can split test any images, but not on eCommerce itself, as this would move traffic to different areas. Using a platform like PickFu, an element of the group of the creative division of eCommerce, you can test your images offline. You get to test your images with an audience sample, and not a real audience. This way, you know what images may work and which to discard.

Validation is akin to something known as “social proof”. This translates to the fact that customers model the behavior of other customers in similar situations. So, if a previous customer is satisfied with a product and posts a written or video review, other new customers are likely to buy the same product.

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In this way, you can start your eCommerce Website design and many more. Please post your questions or comments, and you can follow us on our Twitter account @rupaknpl and Facebook page @Webocreation. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for Opencart tutorials, and click to see other eCommerce tips and tricks.



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