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Account login module for free OpenCart version 2.0

Documetation details at below linkSide bar column Account login module for free OpenCart Ve..

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Adding custom position for different layout in OpenCart 2.2 like full width or full bottom

Order it for free.Download the moduleINSTALLATION:If your ftp is enabled from the admin section:Unzi..

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Auto Addition of Product by clicking in Link which will redirect clicker directly to shopping cart

Auto Addition of Product by clicking in Link which will redirect clicker directly to shopping cart. ..

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Category Featured Show Module

Documetation details at below linkCategory Featured Show ModuleYou can order here or downloa..

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Category's products show or display at home page and other pages works as module

Products show at home page for each category. This is products display of selected category.At t..

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Display all products opencart module for free version 2.3

Steps to install “All Products Show in One Page” opencart 2.3 module free:Download the moduleDownloa..

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EBS Payment Gateway Opencart Module for free

I got project to integrate the EBS into OpenCart so i researched about the module whether it is free..

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Google Map in Opencart Store, insert your shop at google map

Today I am giving away the Google Map Module for opencart for free. By which we can show Google Map ..

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Integration of esewa into website, documentation to integrate esewa, sandbox of esewa

I am working on Stylish Nepal and according to their requirement we have to integrate the ..

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List out all reviews of products in OpenCart module -by Rupak Nepali

List out all reviews of products in OpenCart module. This modules help in cross selling by viewing t..

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List out all the products, product listing in one page Opencart module

Latest OpenCart module of displaying all the products is at the following link https://webo..

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Multi-language Banner Management

We have recently worked out in Multi-language Banner Management in opencart, images of banner a..

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News Ticker Opencart Module for free

Opencart News Ticker is the module for Opencart which shows lines as ticker and I have made this as ..

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OpenCart sales export and import to Quickbooks OpenCart version

This is a simple module that you can export your sales invoice, by clicking the export button you wi..

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Parcel.nl shipping module for OpenCart

I got chance to work with the Parcel.nl of  Netherland Shipping service to make the shippi..

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