College Internship report Online Earnings and Website Programming Part VI

2.14 Introduction of Departments I have worked

2.14.2 Website development Department

Website development in DP Sign is done in two ways, either it is built in-house or it is bought. In-House Development Design the application architecture

Application architecture defines the technologies to be used by one or more or all information systems in terms of their data, processes, interfaces and network components. In DP Sign database like MSQL, SQL, Oracle, MySQL etc were in use, I use MySQL. They use .net and PHP as the programming language and I prefer to use PHP language in website programming.

Physical data flow diagram is used to establish physical processes and location issues. Design the database(s)

The purpose of this task is to prepare technical design specifications for a database that will be adaptable to future requirements and expansion. System analyst also participates in the database modeling and the system designers are responsible for the completion of the activity as databases are shared resource.

The database schema is also structured. Design the system interface

In this, the system designer works with the system to develop input, output and dialogue specifications. For output, the terminal screen or the printed papers were used and for input, the data capture method is used.

System designers are responsible for the task and can use GUI (graphical user interface). For this, I have used Macromedia Dreamweaver and Phpmyadmin. Package Design Specifications

The final design task involves packaging all the specifications from the previous design tasks into a set of specifications that will guide the computer programmer’s activities during the construction phase of the systems development methodology. Update the Project Plan

Revaluation of the project is done. The project manager in conjunction with system owners and the entire team facilitates this task Buy Solution

If the DP Sign is willing to buy the website from the outsider then following is done: Identify and Research Specific Products

In this task, we research technical alternatives. The requirements specify the functionality, features and critical performance parameters for our new website. Research and information are collected from internal standards, information services, trade newspapers, and periodicals offer. System Designer with help of project manager is responsible to complete the task Solicit Proposals or Quotes from Vendors

The solicitation task requires the preparation of RFQ (Request for Quotations) and RFP (Request for proposal). Request for Quotations is a formal document that communicates business, technical and support requirements for the application software package to a single vendor that has been determined as being able to supply that application package and services.

Request for proposal is also a formal document that communicates business, technical and support requirements for an application software package to vendors that may wish to compete for the sale of that application package and services, Select and recommend the best vendor.

The purpose of this task is to validate requests for proposals and/or quotations received from vendors. Designer involves data and database administrators, network administrators and applications administrators. The key outputs of this task are those vendor proposals that proved to be validated proposals or claims and others whose claims were not validated. Contract with the awarded vendor to obtain the product

Having ranked the vendor proposals the next activity usually includes presenting a recommendation to management for final approval. Salesmanship and communication skills are important. The purpose of this activity is to negotiate a contract with the vendor who supplied the winning proposal and to debrief the vendors that submitted losing proposals. A contract will be produced to the winning vendors.

2.14.2 Online Earning Department Online Earning Training:

In this training, we were taught that how we can earn money online without investing money. This training last for 15 days for normal computer operator and for advance the time period is less. Online earning can be done by different means in this global market. Some of them are: Online earning through blogging:

Blog or Weblog is nothing but the personal website where you can express your personal views, ideas, feelings etc. There are many sites such as Blogger, Typepad, Soulcast who provide blog services. You can earn online through Adsense. Here you have to place Adsense ads in your blog. You will earn whenever viewers click on the ads. Online earning through Ad Typing:

Online earning by Ad typing is another unique job opportunity. All you have to need to post Ads on various Free Ad sites. There are tons of sites that provide Ad Typing jobs. Typeinternational is a very popular site. Typeinternational is providing nine different homes based earnings opportunities. Online earning through Medical Transcription:

Medical Transcription is the fastest growing fields in health care. It is the process where you need accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others, including medical history and physical reports, X-ray reports and pathology reports etc. Good English pronunciation, typing skill and acquaintance with medical terminology are the basic need of the job. You can earn lots of money through Medical Transcription. Online earning through the filling of Market Survey Forms:

Filling of Market Survey Forms is another popular online job opportunity. Thousands of consumer products are fighting to get a pie of the billions of consumers worldwide. You can earn by simply filling up of forms regarding a particular product of a company. Top Pay per click (PPC) Business Sites

Some of the sites that pay per click are:

Name of sites Name of sites

Tab: 2.4 Collection of PPC sites Earn money by blog posting:

We are paid from these sites on posting our comments or posts. Some of the sites are:

SN Name of sites

2.15 Some of our major Clients:

SN Name of Client SN Name of Client
1. Laxmi Bank 2. Siddhartha Bank
3. Jyoti Bikash Bank 4. Kathmandu Medical College
5. Advanced Imaging & Diagnostic Centre 6. Beijing Duck Restaurant
7. Institute of Professional Excellence 8. BOK Choy
9. Oral Dental Home 10. Glamour
11. South Asia Commodities & Brokerage 12 Cosmopolitan
13 Axis Broking Solution

Tab: 2.5 List of major clients

2.16 Business Volume:

DP Sign was founded in 2007. So it is a newly entered company in the corporate world. But its sale figures are outstanding. The company has sales of over 10 million Nepali rupees in the financial year 2008-2009.

The overall sales volume is generated from three areas domestic, commercial and International. The prices of the products of the company range from Rs. 350(Domestic) to Rs. 1.5 million.

The Major portion of the revenue of DP Sign is Flex Printing, Online earning training, and website designing and programming.

The partition of sales to total sales graph is given below:

Business volume of DP Sign

Fig: 2.2 Business volume of DP Sign

According to the figures company’s 51% sales of Revenue is earned through website designing and programming, 11% of revenue is from flex printing, and 15% and 22% are from online training and other sources respectively

Although DP Sign was founded in 2007 bt remained successful in getting its share in the market in a very short time (2007-2009) and through its loyal, devoted, professional and hardworking management it is expected that the company will expand its sales to about 4 million during 2010-2011.

Beside that company has also earn an impressive goodwill in the market through its quality services.

2.17 Products offered by DP Sign

2.17.1 Printing Services

SN Material Type Rate Remarks
1 Printed backlit with box & light with fitting at site 199.00p.sq.ft. Without vat
2 Vinyl sticker cutting & pasting on backlit with box & light with fitting at site 221.00p.sq.ft. Without vat
3 Flex/ Frame & fitting at site 38.00p.sq.ft. Without vat
4 Mimaki soljet print Normal vinyl 50.00p.sq.ft. Without Vat
5 Soljet vinyl print & pasting on  forex sheet 95.00p.sq.ft. Without vat

Tab: 2.6 Printing product of DP Sign

2.17.2 Web services

SN Web Service Type Rate
1. Domain Registration Rs. 1000+
2. Web space As per space requirement
3. .np domain registration Free
4. Website design and development As per design and requirement
5. Open  Source CMS (joomla, word press, durpal, umbraco, tomato, mambo, hippo, nuxeo) As per design and requirement
6. Search Engine Optimization(twitter marketing, social marketing, facebook marketing, affliation program) As per design and requirement
7. Online Earning Training Rs 1500+

Tab: 2.7 Web services providing by DP Sign

2.18 Time Frame of Internship

Fig: 2.3 Time frame representation in Gantt chart

The Gantt chart above depicts internship task against a calendar where each bar represents a named project task and the task are listed in the left-hand column.

Time frame representation in Gantt chart internship report
Time frame representation in Gantt chart internship report
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