show all product opencart module
show all product opencart module

For the latest version of module please go to following link. Click following link to get latest post:

Show All products Module for free in opencart

Today, I was wondering and searching in the Opencart forum but i was unable to find out the show all products like the category listing in the Opencart so decide to develop it and i was so tired today so i left it to the forum so hope to get the best module by Sunday :).

I have searched for the extensions but it was not free, it cost $10.

So i decided to make the things by my self and was able to make it but i was feeling so dizzy so left to the forum so that any one will like to extend further.

Please help me to broaden it.

1 – Unzip in the folder of your choice.

2 – Upload the files inside the “root” folder to your server, no other files are overwritten.

3- Link to link the page is “index.php?route=product/productall”

For OpenCart version you have to download following:

All Product Display Module OpenCart Version

Install VqMod to show link of All Products in Menu

Demo at the link below

Things are done Enjoy the Extensions, little help to the Opencart forum, hope some will help to extend it.


  1. hi bro
    im using show all product module but its not workong perfetly for using opencart,its showing 100 product in one page even i choose only show 40 product per page.and page nevigation is not working. in nevigation its display Showing 1 to 40 but actually showing 100 products and in nevigation if click page 2 but still showing same page just page number change, please check and help me to fix it.thanks

  2. Hi, can you help me , i have made an inlk in header with health categories(on my website) and i cannot figure out how to get rid of the error the page cannot be found, the module is for category wall. all i want is to put a lnk in geader and show all categories.(like all products)


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