lime light crm programmer

I have had great experienced working with Limelight CRM.

Here are the following things that I have worked:

  1. Campaign management and offer management
  2. Maintain the servers
    Sites are all hosted in RackSpace and have load balancing to balance the visitors load.
  3. Maintain security
    Uses cloudflare to maintain the security and have performed many other tasks to obtain the best security
  4. Maintain page loads
  5. Integrate limelight in more than 50 websites.
  6. Uses both the Webform and API form and integrated into the design, sometime 2 page checkout sometime one page checkout
  7. Subscription management of the campaign
  8. Have not design the PSD but can perform image changing and editing as per the sites necessity.
  9. Bootstrap uses for responsiveness
  10. Upsell management for each offer and campaigns
  11. Payment load balancing management
and many more.
Let me know if you want my services and assure you that you will not regret on hiring me.
Rupak Nepali


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