1. The project “Ethereum Solidity- Decentralized eCommerce platform” will start soon and covers following:
  • as an administrator, you can add products, which consist of an id, a price, and a stock.
  • as a regular user, you can buy 1 of the products.
  • like the owner, you can make payments or withdraw value from the contract.
  • (Admin) Add vendor to store
  • (Vendor) Create Product, add to Shop
  • (Buyer) Call Product.placeOrder (or order is deployed manually by buyer/seller)
  • (Buyer) Pay order
  • (Seller) Withdraw payment
  • ability to remove products.
  • co-purchase by different people.
  • add merchants akin to what Amazon has become.
  • add the ability to pay to a third-party token.


Framework and libraries used:

Truffle, Web3, jquery, bootstrap

Tutorials we are looking into:

Learning Solidity : Tutorial 1 The Basics
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Prev 1 of 3 Next


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