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EBS Payment Gateway Opencart Module for free

EBS Payment Gateway Opencart Module for free
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EBS Payment Gateway Opencart Module for free
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I got project to integrate the EBS into OpenCart so i researched about the module whether it is free or not and i found one free EBS payment module but it is only for the OpenCart version 1.5.2 but i am in need of OpenCart version Thus i checked whether the version produce error or not but after transaction it through error and OpenCart didnot catch the success transaction.

Thus i checked the code and updated to the latest version and it is running successfully.

For OpenCart Version download from the free section of Opencart 

Download EBS 1.5.2

To download the latest version you have to signup to our site and then order it which is of zero cost and then it will be on your download section. If you got any problem then contact us by stating your problem.

OpenCart Installation
1. Upload files to the corresponding directories.

2. Install payment gateway from Admin->Extensions->Payments>> Online Payment and click [Install] and then [Edit] and insert your credintials provided by the service provider.


Go to the admin >> Extension >> Payment >> then edit Online Payment >> and enter the following information and check the Test checkbox and then click save.

Account Id : 5880

secret key : ebskey

Now order the product and enter the following information.

Card No: 4111111111111111

Exp Date: 07/2016

CVV: 123

Name of the Issuing Bank: EBS

Note: No other Card number would be accepted by the Gateway for test phase.


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