file transfer server, corrupt images when uploaded through FTP

corrupt images when uploaded through ftp but works fine by uploading from the cpanel

I used Filezilla 3.5.3 to upload images and files. When i upload the other files it work but when i upload the images then no images are shown in the server but it is working fine in the localhost. After uploading the updates I noticed that images were corrupt. I verified that images worked on my system, uploaded them and tried to view, but nothing.

Then I downloaded the image and tried to view it on my laptop, but the downloaded image was corrupt as well. I finally used the built in Windows Explorer to upload the PNG files and that worked, so I know the issue is in Filezilla.

I have not had this issue in the past with Filezilla.

I finally find out that the file transfer server software, Filezilla have the setting from where there is

I mistakenly set the file transfer type to ASCII by which the images are not uploaded but other files are uploaded. Again setting to the Auto I am now able to transfer the images as well.

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