Web page flow in shopping cart

In this final year’s eCommerce project eShopping we are showing web page flow in the shopping cart website.
Chapter 2 part 3 continued…..

Web Page Flow in RupJayGri Shop

The web page is divided into five parts as in the figure below:

eShopping main design part
eShopping main design part

1. Header part:

In our RupjayGri shop, the header part consists of the search box which is useful for searching the product directly likewise, the shortcut to login and sign up. As well it also consists of the name of the Shop and the header also contains the advertised products in the scrolling images.

header part of the eShopping cart
header part of the shopping cart

The header part also consists of the menu. The menu contains the link to the pages so that the visitors can easily render the pages.

2. Left Bar:

The left bar contains the categories and other boxes which is changeable as per the pages. The categories box shows the list of category and on the click of the list, the products of the same category are shown.

leftbar part of our e-commerce site
the left bar part of our e-commerce site

3. Body Part:

The body part consists of the content of the website

4. Right Bar:

The right bar is also changeable as per the page requirement.

5. Footer Part:

The footer part contains the footer of the pages which can contain the reserved information and copyright as well as links to the pages.

Showing our Visitors What We’ve Got

One of the essential features required in any e-store is to allow the visitor to easily browse through the products. Whether our visitors are looking for something specific or just browsing, it’s important to make sure their experiences with our site are pleasant ones. After all, we want our visitors to find what they are looking for as easily and painlessly as possible. This is why we’ll want to add search functionality to the site and also find a clever way of structuring products into categories so they can be quickly and intuitively accessed.

Depending on the size of the store, it might be enough to group products under a number of categories, but if there are a lot of products, you’ll need to find even more ways to categorize and structure the product catalog.

In our RupJayGri Shop products are categorized into different categories and the visitors can easily get the product as per the category. Likewise, there are many sections which show the different product like the tab section which shows the best seller products and selected items by the RupJayGri Shop.

tab for the homepage at eshopping
tab for the homepage at shopping

Products are also shown in a different category as per the click in the menu

category show at eshopping cart
category show at the shopping cart

Products are categorized as per the manufacturers also so the visitors can also view the products as per the manufacturer.

Detail view of the product:

After getting the list of the product we can view the details of the product by clicking in the pictures of the product or just clicking the details button.

detail view of the eshopping
detail view of the shopping

The detail view of the product is seen below:

detail view of product at the eshopping final year project
detail view of product at the shopping final year project

Searching the Products

Products can be searched based on the product identification number, name of the product. For searching the product just type the name of the product in the box

search of product at the eshopping project
a search of product at the shopping project

Figure: For Searching the Product type the name of the product

After pressing the ENTER key we will get the list of searched products.

Displaying the Search Results

listing of search at the eshopping final year project
listing of search at the shopping final year project

Figure: List of Searched Products

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