Install Lando


  • Ensure homebrew is installed and up-to-date.
  • Add the lando cask: brew cask install lando


  • Download .exe file and install it from

Now create a folder let’s say “pantheonlando” then go inside that folder and run lando init

lando init

After that it will ask following questions:

  • What recipe do you want to use? pantheon
    Choose pantheon.
  • Choose a Pantheon account: add a different token
    Choose: add a different token
  • Enter a Pantheon machine token [hidden]
    Enter the token, if you don’t have one, create at Pantheon and enter that token here.
  • Which site? webocreation-12
    It will list out all the sites in your pantheon account, choose one

With this, lando is initialized.

Import Pantheon Database, code, and files

lando pull

It drops all the database and pulls the recent one and all the files uploaded.

Start your site:

In the terminal run:

lando start

BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! Your site is ready.

Now go to NGINX URLS, here as in the example it is http://localhost:32778 but yours can be different.

With these steps, developers can quickly specify and painlessly spin up the services and tools needed to develop their projects of the pantheon and test it locally.

If you got 500 Internal Server Error, you may have forgotten to run composer install or perform lando pull or check the files and folder permission.

Let us know if you find any issues so that we can try to find the solution for you.

Enjoy Lando, for more details visit

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