Digital marketing: College Internship report Online Earnings and Website Programming Part III


Report Body

2.1 Introduction of DP Sign

D.P. Sign

  1. D stands for Digital
  2. P stands for Printed
  3. Sign stands for different kind of signs.

Registered Name:                 DP sign advertising Pvt. Ltd

Address:                                  Shantinagar, Om Shanti Chowk, KTM.

Phone:                                     01-4783309



DP SIGN is a global IT services company providing IT consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Using our enhanced global delivery model, innovative plat-forming approach and industry expertise, we provide cost effective services that enable our clients to use IT to enhance business performance, accelerate time to market, increase productivity and improve customer service.

DP SIGN provides value to its customers by innovation, accomplishment, trust and long-term relationship through its unique service portfolio and expertise.

DP SIGN brings quality services and products to its customers on time and at the most competitive prices. DP SIGN has very strong software engineering processes for software design and development activities. These strengths enable DP SIGN to smoothly adapt to the rapid enhancements in the technological domain while maintaining constant focus on the ever-changing business needs of its clients. With the vision of becoming the best IT service provider of nation, DP SIGN has been trailblazer in various domain of software engineering in Nepal.

Embedded system programming, Quality assurance techniques and process oriented approach towards the design and development are those where DP SIGN has become pioneer in the local context. Again, sustained quality delivery on time, postdelivery services, corporate culture, documented knowledge acquisition and continuous learning environments are the critical success factors of DP SIGN to achieve its vision.

2.2 Corporate Goal of the Company

The three pillars on which the DP Sign has its corporate structure are:

  1. Continuous improvement
  2. Customer’s satisfaction
  3. Quality of product and system

All these pillars are the pillars of quality system which the organization owns in order to satisfy its customers. Continuous improvement means the process of quality is not still at a certain point, it continuously moving towards the improvement and can’t be still to some location, and the sole objective of this continuous improvement is to satisfy the customers need by giving the customer the quality products.

2.3 Mission Statement of the company

Our mission is to offer advanced, convenient, and money saving digitally printing things in Monitors or papers with the implementation of distinctive ideas and expertise. Our foundation of survival is based on providing valued clients a convenient and affordable source for digitalizing the world.

In a clear sense, our motto is to be “A strategic partner of our clients not a mere vendor.”

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