Bokagiri part 4: Father granted permission to marry

Father granted permission, friend started to say let’s search one girl friend for Rupak. So I got motivated and I started searching girl friend by going to public places and events, made account with different dating site. And, I found one, exchanged our thoughts, numbers and planned to meet the very day and I planned to make a better love story than Twilight. I don’t like to be late as place where she live is around 4h drive so I booked my hotel and packed my things and went to hotel, got fresh, have dinner and planned to go to bed early (thinking early to bed early to rise) but I started to listen wired sound in the next room from couple. I can’t sleep, tried to sleep but that noise make me crazy and cannot sleep. So I felt bored and got romantically activated and called my new girl friend. And the most embarrassing moment of life, do you believe, the phone rang in the next room 🙂

यसरी नै आज लागेको चन्द्र ग्रहण जसरी मेरो प्रेममा ग्रहण लाग्यो।। तेहि पिडामा थप ३ बोतल खादा स्टाटस लेख्न ढिला भो 🙂

Happy Weekend

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