opencart database table schema
opencart database table schema

Things to consider while creating database OpenCart Guide

  • OpenCart supports multistore
  • It supports multi language
  • Multiple Layouts
  • oc_ is database prefix
  • If you are creating table then better to make 4 tables, one which will contain language specific contents here oc_information_description, another is non-language specific oc_information and other which joins with the store and last one which joins to layout.

database schema creation OpenCart

Create custom table schema in OpenCart:

If you are going to create custom table in OpenCart then you have to think of four tables. One table which contains non-language specific data like in above image oc_information, another table is language specific in above image oc_information_description, another table which shows relationship between store and data in above image oc_information_to_store and last one which shows relationship between layout and data.

So if I am want to create a custom table which contains testimonials then my table schema will be like in the image:

custom table schema for Testimonial



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