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Sales Conversion Funnel

How to increase eCommerce sales? 13 proven tips and tricks to boost conversions

Setting up an eCommerce store is the first step after that focus needs to be on increasing the sales conversions which leads to becoming a giant eCommerce marketplace. Beautifully designed website,...
Marketo form administration tool

Marketo form administration tool – add or update field for all forms at once

We developed a Marketo form administration tool so that we can update all forms in Marketo or delete fields from all forms in Marketo at once. We need to add extra...
Unbounce Email validation

Javascript custom email validation for company email only, Unbounce page

We write a simple Javascript custom email validation that allows only company emails and it was implemented on Unbounce landing pages. We use pattern, oninvalid and onchange attributes. We set regex...
Mailchimp Pardot flow step

Pardot, Mailchimp, and website integrating Marketing system

With Digital Business Transformation approaches, business activities are more focused on automating Marketing system, as automation improves the lead nurturing process in a number of ways so being experienced in Pardot...
Marketo Salesforce

Marketo API – export all Forms and their Fields from our Marketo database

We worked in Marketo JavaScript Marketo API where we have to export all forms and their fields from our Marketo database. With custom API extraction, we are able to export all...

what is the best salesforce tool to prevent overbooking?

What is the best salesforce tool to prevent overbooking? Answer: Validation
Salesforce sObject

Describe the relationship between sObjects and Salesforce records?

Describe the relationship between sObjects and Salesforce records. A. The name of a sObject field in Apex is the label of the field in Salesforce. B. A custom object’s API name...

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