Show files and folders in WordPress file-away plugins

fileaway-files-and-folder-showing to show the sub-folders and show its files and folders respectively, though I am not able to work out in the plugin itself. This plugin displays file download links from your server directories or page attachments in stylized lists or sort-able data tables

Show files and folder in file away wordpress plugins
Show files and folder in file away WordPress plugins

How I achieve it? I just worked in the plugin to show the directory and for the repetitive folder, I make another page and on another page, it shows up the list of the files and folders and shows it repetitively.

fileaway files and folder showing
file away-files-and-folder-showing


    • Hello, great mod! Is it possible to show 2col layout instead of table? When i put directories=”on” into shortcode, i see only table layout, but i have many folders, and i would show these on 2 columns for better organization. Thumbs up for you mate!


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