Testimonial Feedback Module for Opencart for Free -eCommerce Solution

Testimonial Feedback Module for Opencart for Free -eCommerce Solution

Feedback Module for Opencart for Free -eCommerce Solution

Feedback or Testimonial Module is the module for Opencart by which customer can provide their feedback about the site or product or any services and the same feedback is shown once the admin enable it.

I was encouraged to develop it because there is only review system for the products but not for the site and services so i made this feedback or testimonial module.



feedback or testimonial module

feedback or testimonial module

The feedbacks given or the testimonial provided by customer can be directly shown in the module at the top, left, side or bottom, but it is good to show in the left or right bar according to its design.

You can customize the design as per your needs with css and images.

Admin can also insert the feedback directly through the form available at the catalog/feedback link. You can insert the html at the feedback description also and it is parsed while showing in the front-end module.

Likewise the customer can provide their feedback from the link /index.php?route=information/feedback

But the feedback provided will not be directly shown at the frontend module, once the admin enabled it then only the feedback is shown on the feedback module

Database Installation:

Feedback.sql is attached with the pack (zip), import the file. Before importing if you have database prefix then you have to edit the table name or run the following query

Here also you have to change the feedback to databaseprefix_feedback, if you use the database prefix.


1 – Unzip in the folder.

2 – Upload the files inside the “feedback” folder to your OpenCart root folder.

3 – In admin, go to “Extensions > Modules” and install the module, configure and use.

4- Go to Catalog >Feedback and insert the feedback manually.

5- vQmod is needed for the backend to see the Catalog >> Feedback,

If you don’t have the vQmod installed then you have to insert the following lines

<li><a href=”<?php echo $this->url->link(‘catalog/feedback’, ‘token=’ . $this->session->data['token'], ‘SSL’); ?>”>Feedback</a></li>

Just below the

<li><a href=”<?php echo $information; ?>”><?php echo $text_information; ?></a></li>

and you will see the Catalog >> Feedback and you can start to insert the feedback or testimonial.

If you get following message

Permission Denied!

You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator.


Go to the System >> Users >> User Groups and edit the Top Administrator and then check as in the figure:

permission for news ticker module of opencart

permission for feedback module of opencart

It means we have to give permission to catalog/feedback.


This module code is the intellectual property of the designers involved in its creation. As an Opensource code you are entitled to use it freely and modify it if you wish but please keep the credits intact.

All jquery are used from the following contributor:



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