Klarna get address on inserting the Swedish SSN for the Opencart

Klarna get address on inserting the Swedish SSN for the Opencart

Today i am able to make Klarna's get address on inserting the SSN(social security number).
An example of what I am trying to achieve can be seen at the checkout of this website.
At the checkout page of the above website, if you enter the following social security number: 410321-9202 in the "Personnummer" field (which means Social Security Number in Swedish) and click on Hämta (Get Address in Swedish), you will see that the name and address of the customer will be filled automatically.
This is done by using the getAddresses() function of the klarna API.

I am able to get the output. This is very straightforward, just take the output from the getAddresses() function and input it into Opencart checkout fields.

getAddresses is a function used to retrieve a customer's address(es) when selecting Klarna's payment methods. Using this function, the customer receives a simpler purchasing experience and a decreased risk of entering addresses incorrectly.

getAddresses can be used by customers with one or more registered addresses as well as companies. Customers can enter either an organization or a social security number, the function will then return all registered addresses for that customer.

This function is available for customers with a Swedish organization or social security number (in the remaining countries the required input fields are necessary in order for the customer to enter this information manually).

The getAddresses function is to be used as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The function is to be used for customers with a Swedish organization or social security number
  • Customer data is only retrieved for Klarna's payment methods in the checkout
  • The function may not be used for registering customers
  • The function is used after providing the customer with Klarna´s terms & conditions
  • The getAddresses function and received data must disappear if the customer chooses another payment method
  • The consumer needs to actively press a button to collect the data, it may not be triggered by completion of entering the social security number
  • The button is not allowed to be called get address (hämta address). Approved names: Fetch (Hämta), Continue (Fortsätt), Search (Sök), Proceed (Vidare)



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