Could not load model payment

Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Error: Could not load model payment!’ in vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_engine_loader.php or ‘Error: Could not load controller payment!’ or shipping or module then you have old folder existing in your folder so delete the old folder file which is at \catalog\model\payment or \catalog\model\shipping or \catalog\model\module. Once you delete that folder then hope it removes the opencart fatal error. DON’T FORGET TO KEEP BACKUP

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Error: Could not load model payment!’ in vqmod\vqcache\-system_engine_loader.php on line 169
( ! ) Exception: Error: Could not load model payment! in vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_engine_loader.php on line 169
Call Stack
10.0000135520{main}( )…\index.php:0
20.0150755840start( )…\index.php:23
30.0150781952require_once( ‘system\framework.php’ )…\vq2-system_startup.php:124
40.04501090320Front->dispatch( )…\framework.php:103
50.08251561336Front->execute( )…\front.php:29
60.08251561336Action->execute( )…\front.php:34
70.08251568880call_user_func_array:{vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_engine_action.php:51} ( )…\vq2-system_engine_action.php:51
80.08251569112ControllerStartupRouter->index( )…\vq2-system_engine_action.php:51
90.08251569784Action->execute( )…\router.php:25
100.08501656912call_user_func_array:{vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_engine_action.php:51} ( )…\vq2-system_engine_action.php:51
110.08501658328ControllerQuickCheckoutPaymentMethod->index( )…\vq2-system_engine_action.php:51
120.15001958272getMethod ( )…\payment_method.php:110
130.15001958520Proxy->__call( )…\payment_method.php:110
140.15001959200call_user_func_array:{\system\engine\proxy.php:25} ( )…\proxy.php:25
150.15001959976Loader->{closure:vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_engine_loader.php:147-191}( )…\proxy.php:25

Just delete the folder by keeping the backup.

Hope it solve the problem. Happy Coding!!


  1. good knowlege sharing. i really thanks to you.but i have question
    if i replace extension > payment folder to Model> payment
    after any issue in my website ???
    Thanks a lot..


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