Today I came to office planning to accomplish different tasks but all of sudden I am unable to access websites that are hosted in our servers then I checked website at  http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ and it is down for me only then I asked my friend to confirm and he also said my sites are Up but I am not able to access them from my office only. I restarted my routers and restarted my machines. Still office websites are not showing.

Then I tried to access with http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html to confirm that other are seeing website and your server is not down. Yes it is showing sites.

Now I opened CMD prompt and run following command.
ping yourwebsiteurl.com
and see whether it is showing request time out or not.
If it doesnot have shown request time then I would have disabled my browser extensions that I have installed, clear all data of browser by clicking ctrl+shift+del and clear all data. After
that run the url in browser and sure it would have loaded.

But it is showing request time out then I again run the following command
tracert yourwebsiteurl.com

I see the results from where you are getting request time out. This command helps me to find upto where you are reaching and where you get blocked.
If it does not reach our server then I would have called our ISP and they would have fixed the problem.
But it was reaching our server and we are not getting response from server so I think there must be some firewall which is protecting your server thinking that you are performing brutal force attack so in this case I planned to whitelist our office IP at the server.

I went to https://www.whatismyip.com/ and see what is my public IP of office.

Then logged in to your WHM and whitelist my IP found above. I performed it at Security Center and choose cPHulk Brute Force Protection and choose Whitelist Management tab and enter
my IP and click Add button. Then I deleted IP from Blacklist Management.


Our servers are load balancing so I performed this task at both servers. And sites started to show up.

Another case may happen for some like IP is blocked in .htaccess file so you have to check it as well whether your IP is denied at .htaccess file.

Although it looks easy but I really took me around 2 hours to perform all these tasks :), then only I started to work my scheduled works.


Rupak Nepali



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