signup process at the eshopping project
signup process at the eshopping project

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, refers to the practices employed to increase the number of visitors a web site receives from organic (unpaid) search engine result pages. Today, the search engine is the most important tool people use to find information and products on the Internet. Needless to say, having your e-commerce web site rank well for the relevant keywords will help drive visitors to your site and increase the chances that visitors will buy from you and not the competition!

RupJayGri shop is so small and young and some of the points that we consider to make the site more searchable is by following:

  • Implement keyword-rich URLs
  • Redirect requests to index.php
  • Dynamically generate the page titles to reflect the contents of their pages
  • Errors and problems are properly handled and redirect to pages in the site.
  • We correctly used page headings and other markup, so that search engines will be able to identify the page’s important copy.
  • We don’t have duplicate content. The catalog doesn’t contain identical pages, or page fragments, which can incur search engine penalties.
  • The product, department, and category pages are easily reachable

Customer Sign Up:

In our shop customers are able to buy or place the product in cart only when they are registered.

signup process at the eshopping project
signup process at the eshopping project

The customer have fill the sign up form and click the sign up button and the password is send to the email given.

Customer Login:

The customer can login with the username and the password provided in the mail. For the first time login the customer will see the form below:

With the filling of the form the customer will be able to buy product and add it to the carts. For the other time the customer will be able to directly login into the dashboard.

Shopping Cart

When customer clicks Add to Cart for any product, it is added to the shopping cart.

Adding a product into the shopping cart does not decrease the quantity of products in the database. It is decreased only after an order is placed for the product. In our RupJayGri shop the shopping cart whether the product is added to the database or in the cart or not and on clicking the Go To Shopping Cart, the detail of the cart is shown.


empty shopping cart at eshopping final year project
empty shopping cart at eshopping final year project

The detail of the cart looks like the figure below:

details of shopping cart at eshopping project
details of shopping cart at eshopping project

Placed Order and Proceed to CheckOut

When “Proceed To CheckOut” button is clicked which is located on the bottom of the shopping cart, the web page will direct to the form where the customer have to input the shipping information and the payment information


final checkout process at eshopping project
final checkout process at eshopping project

Confirming the information:

After filling the form in shipping and payment information the final confirmation page sis shown which is from the paypal API and consists of the credit card information to be filled up. After clicking the submit button the paypal process the credit card information and send whether the payment is successful or not.

How to shop in the RupJayGri Shop?

For the easiness of the customer there consists of video and ways to do shopping in RupJayGri Shop in the page why_us and the link is at menu’s Shopping Demo.

3 simple steps
Step 1: Search
There are 2 ways by which you can locate products on our site.
1. Keyword Search

There is a Search Box in the header (right hand top corner)

* Enter the product/item that you want to locate for in the Search Box (Eg: If you want to buy flowers, you can type Flowers in the Search Box). You can also search for products within a category.
* Then click on the Go Button. The next page will display the Search Results with suitable products for you to choose from.

2. Category/Sub-Category Search

Products at are divided in Categories and Sub-Categories with further sub-division, displayed in the category list at top. You can browse through each of these Categories until you find your desired product type.
Step 2: Register

Registration on RupJayGri Shop

Visitors must be a registered user of RupJayGri Shop to be able to BUY online. RupJayGri Shop Registration process is fast, easy and totally FREE!
Click on the Sign in link on the top right corner in the header part of every Page.


Please follow the steps to register with

  • Enter your Email address which will also function as your User Name for
  • Finally, click on the Sign Up button.
  • Now login with the username and password in the email that we have send to the customer.

Step 3: Buying on RupJayGri

  • Login
  • View the product or list the product
  • Click the details of the product and click the Add To Cart button if u like to purchase then go to the details of shopping cart and click Proceed to chechout and follow the steps.


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