Scuba Bunny
Scuba Bunny

What I performed at the are:

  • Remove the VqMOD conflict in opencart.
    Checkout Steps decreased to two steps.
    Registration pages change and address field changes
    Korean Language translations
    Many other small changes

How I removed the VqMOD conflict?

They have used VqMOD like remove-add-to-cart-if-out-of-stock.xml, auto-reviews.xml,  disable_affiliate.xml,  ev_GridDefault.xml, featured-product-plus.xml, google_analytics_expert.xml, inmuto_hide_downloads.xml, inmuto_hide_wishlist.xml, remove-add-to-cart-if-out-of-stock.xml and many other like disabling captcha etc

As they have used many VqMOD XML which changes the lines of codes and the remaining one does not find the code lines and occurs conflict likewise made the modifications on email format.

I checked what error is logged atVqMOD/logs and the files as per the day as I was working on Sunday so I checked at sun.log and find out what is the error and what search not found is logged. By this, I can know which XML is affected and I changed the code as per the requirement at a definite place to remove the conflict by this I am able to solve the conflict of VqMOD.

I have worked on the two-step quick checkout so that customer can easily check out by clicking only two clicks.

I have made many language changes as well as many CSS and registration page changes to hide the country, city, zone as he did not need them as all clients are from the locality.

About Scuba Bunny

Scuba Bunny
Scuba Bunny

At Scuba Bunny, they search the world for the best quality scuba equipment at the best prices. Why are our prices so low? We import all our products directly from our suppliers in the USA and Italy. With no middleman, we pass the savings on to you! All items at Scuba Bunny are guaranteed to be brand new, original brand name products. All products come with original serial numbers and full warranty certificates.


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